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Research On Value Enhancement Of Breakthrough Innovation From The Perspective Of New Public Service

Posted on:2020-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X S RuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575965858Subject:Public Management
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In the face of the complex and ever-changing economic situation,it is crucial for the government to make scientific and democratic decisions.Social conditions and public opinions are information resource for making correct decisions,and the perception of the value of things is the main source of social conditions and public opinions.At the same time,innovation has profoundly affected the era in which we are now.Breakthrough innovation is an economic accelerator that subverts technology and industry.Its economic value is remarkable,but it also faces difficulties such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering that cause social value to decline.In addition,the breakthrough innovation development itself is in the regional innovation system,which is inseparable from the political connections including the government.The new public service theory advocates the construction of a pluralistic social governance system and safeguards the public interest.Therefore,playing a positive role in political connections and overcoming their negative impacts are of great significance for breakthrough innovation to achieve and enhance economic value and social value,and then promote the scientific and democratic decision-making of government..Combined with the relevant background,this study explores the relationship between breakthrough innovation and economic value,breakthrough innovation and social value,and analyzes how these two relationships are moderated by political connections.By constructing a theoretical model between breakthrough innovation,political connections,economic value and social value,this study conducts an analysis of 197 questionnaires for people including government,enterprises,universities,research institutions,etc using regression analysis,structural equation modeling,etc.The results show that breakthrough innovation has a significant positive effect on economic value;breakthrough innovation has a significant negative effect on social value;political connections positively moderate the relationship between breakthrough innovation and economic value;political connections positively moderate the relationship between breakthrough innovation and social value.Finally,based on the perspective of new public service and the research conclusions,combined with the actual situation,this study proposes corresponding countermeasures.Based on rigorous theoretical hypotheses and empirical analysis,the results verify the different effects of breakthrough innovation on economic value and social value,while revealing that political connections are an important situation in which breakthrough innovation plays an important role on economic value and social value.It also provides a certain reference for the public management department and its personnel to actively adapt to the rapid changes in technology and better provide services for the main body of innovation and lead innovation to drive development based on the results of the perception and evaluation of breakthrough innovation in the research.
Keywords/Search Tags:breakthrough innovation, economic value, social value, political connections, new public service
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