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Apreliminary Studry On The Approval System Of The Main Crop Variety In China

Posted on:2018-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575977027Subject:Economic Law
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Crop varieties is a kind of activity that on the applicant and the introduction of new breeding,variety Approval Committee by through the variety regional test and production test results,review and assess whether the crop has the value of popularization and can adapt to the scope.Crop variety approval as an administrative measure,usually by the administrative department of agriculture of the national and provincial government in a comprehensive review after the examination and approval certificate issued to clarify the varieties,varieties within a certain region to production and sales promotion,also gives the varieties listed qualification.Since twentieth Century 60-70 years,China's crop variety approval system gradually moving towards the right track,the relevant laws and regulations for approval,approval and approval mechanism of object application and acceptance procedures,revocation of approval,supervision and management have been stipulated.Crop variety approval system is well protected by the breeders,enterprise managers and the seed user rights,to a certain extent,promote the yield and income of farmers,to protect the national security of the seed industry.With the development of market economy,the variety approval system plays a very important role in the seed market and becomes increasingly obvious.But after thirty years of groundless talk,there are varieties of examination and approval system becomes more and more obvious.We reflect on today's species validation system,in the firm to continue to follow the pace of the species validation system,We need to make adjustments to the deficiencies in order to be more suitable for today's market economy.Although the 2016 "seed law" and the "main crop varieties validation method" of the revision and implementation of the system promote the variety of our country,but some of its problems have not been properly resolved.In contrast,today's variety approval system,in the firm to continue to follow the pace of variety approval system,but also to make adjustments to its deficiencies,in order to adapt to the pace of development of the market economy.There are many problems in the system of crop variety examination and approval in China.For example,the system is not scientific enough,the legal system is not perfect and the market exit mechanism is not perfect.Variety Approval Committee staff is not scientific,the main responsibilities evaluation standard is not scientific,and a variety of science,regional division approved the pilot number and layout is not reasonable,varieties of homogeneity serious problems in the legal system,the lack of perfect supervision system and remedy system.Although there are so many problems in the system of variety approval,but it is still the most suitable for China's national conditions of the system,this study still insisted that China's major crop varieties should be approved before the market can be promoted.The variety of our validation need to improve scientific,variety certification related bills,pay attention to the establishment of the seed industry to play the role of industry associations,improve seed varieties,improve the evaluation system of regional test varieties,adhere to liberalize standards and keep the bottom line of unity,adhere to the unity of rights and responsibility,adhere to the unity of man and by strict management selection perfect revocation approval system and widen the channels of appeal.This paper briefly introduces some concepts,including variety approval,variety registration,seed certification,market access and protection of new varieties of plants.
Keywords/Search Tags:Variety validation, Variety registration, Seed certification, Market access
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