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Analysis Of The Elements System Of Community Residents Autonomy

Posted on:2020-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330578452789Subject:Foreign political system
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Realizing community residents' autonomy is not only the requirement of modernization of community governance,but also the inherent requirement of democratic political development.At present,the academic circles have studied community residents' autonomy from the perspectives of state-society relations,social governance,social capital,empower and enable residents,organizational system and role functions.Although these studies have played a certain role in promoting the development of community residents' autonomy,they only pay attention to the community autonomy subjects and if's roles.Thus,lacks of depth and fragmentation make it fail to reveal the development logic behind community residents' autonomy,and community residents' autonomy has not been able to achieve substantive development.In view of this,this paper tries to find the internal logic of the development of community residents' autonomy and explore the path to realize community residents' autonomy based on the system theory and the autonomy factors behind community residents' autonomy.Based on system theory,this paper regards community residents' autonomy as an ecosystem,which is composed of many elements of community residents' autonomy.It is believed that community residents' autonomy can only be realized when the elements of community residents' autonomy are perfect.This paper theoretically puts forward the internal factors of realizing community residents' autonomy-demand and willingness,conmunity and team,leaders and participants,motivation and incentive,and extermal factors?policy resources,technology and ability.Based on the eight internal and extermal factors of community residents' autonomy,this paper establishes the system of community residents' autonomy elements and reveals the internal and external factors of community residents' autonomy development.Logically,for the first time,it systematically reveals the whole picture of the community residents' autonomous system in theory,which makes up for the theoretical gap in the current academic research.In this paper,two cases of community A and community B in the project of residential autonomy in Gusu District are selected by comparative study.Through case deep description and case comparison,the improvement of autonomy elements and the development of residential autonomy in community A and community B in the process of project of residential autonomy are deeply analyzed.Through comparison,it found that community A is completed in the project development of residential autonomy.It has improved the elements of comnunity residents' autonomy,realized the organization of community residents and self-action of comnunity residents,and finally developed community residents' autonomy.In the project-based development of community residents' autonomy,the elements of community residents' autonomy have not been perfected.Community residents are in the status of bystanders and enjoyers in community autonomy.Community autonomy is the action of external social organizations and community residents' committees.Ultimately,community residents,autonomy becomes a formality.Through comparison,the scientificity of community residents' autonomy factor system is further tested in practice.Through the research,we find that the community residents' autonomy system consists of internal and external systems.The internal factor system is the key to realize community residents' autonomy,and the external factor system is the guarantee to realize community residents' autonomy.Finally,starting from the main body of community autonomy,based on the system of elements of community residents' autonomy,we reverse the role and function of the main body of community autonomy,and discuss and prospect the way to improve the system of elements of community residents' autonomy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community resident autonomy elements, Internal elements, External elements, Projectization
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