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The Realization Path Of Management Personnel Monitoring Full Coverage In Grassroots Mass Autonomous Organizations

Posted on:2020-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330578460107Subject:Public Management
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Due to the narrow scope of the original "Administrative Supervision Law",many public officials who exercise public power are not within the scope of supervision,and public power cannot be restricted and supervised,triggering a series of cases of power and corruption,which seriously undermined society.Harmony has led to a decline in government credibility.In response to President Xi Jinping's call to achieve full coverage of all public officials exercising public authority in the report of the 19 th National Congress,the new "Supervisory Law" clearly states that as long as the exercise of public power is the object of supervision,the state-owned enterprise cashiers and grassroots Managers in sexual self-governing organizations are included in the scope of supervision to ensure that all public powers are exercised on the legal track.Achieving full coverage of management personnel in grassroots mass autonomous organizations is conducive to accelerating the pace of building an honest government and opening up a new situation of comprehensively and strictly administering the party.In the process of comparative analysis,this paper uses the theory of rule of law government,the theory of responsible government and the theory of institution construction in corruption governance,and uses literature research method,case study method and investigation interview method to explore the supervision of managers in grassroots mass autonomous organizations.Full coverage implementation path.Firstly,it expounds the research background and significance of this paper,describes the research status of this topic at home and abroad,introduces the main contents,research methods and deficiencies of this research.Secondly,it relates to the comprehensive coverage of management personnel in grassroots mass autonomous organizations.The concept has been defined,and the relevant basic theories of this paper are proposed.It is beneficial to safeguard the interests of the people,integrate the anti-corruption forces and strengthen the restriction and supervision of the management of the managers in the grassroots mass autonomous organizations.Then,for the current situation of realizing the full coverage of the management personnel in the grassroots mass autonomous organizations in China,the study takes Bailang Village,Liudu Village,Sanduwan Village and Dawangzhai Village in Zixing City of Quzhou City as the research object.Through the collection of historical data and on-site investigations and interviews,we can understand the status quo of realizing the full coverage of management personnel in grassroots mass autonomousorganizations,as well as the incomprehension of village cadres,the lack of awareness of villagers,and the limited supervision of superiors.A specific analysis was carried out.In this regard,I finally put forward specific ideas for strengthening ideological and political education,improving the state supervision system,increasing the use of monitoring results,and increasing publicity to solve problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Monitoring targets, Autonomous organizations, Village committee, All standing
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