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Research On The Function Improvement Of Police Stations Under Comprehensive Control

Posted on:2020-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330578471185Subject:Legal theory
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Comprehensive management of social security means that,under the unified leadership of the Party Committee and the government,while giving full play to the backbone role of the political and legal departments,especially the public security organs,we should comprehensively utilize political,economic,administrative,legal,cultural and educational means to achieve the fundamental goal through strengthening the work in six aspects:strike,prevention,education,management,construction and transformation.The purpose is to prevent and control crimes and maintain social security and stability.As a comprehensive combat entity at the grassroots level,the police station is the first line of defense to maintain social and political stability and to ensure the stability of the public security situation.It is also the window and link to closely connect with the masses.As the grass-roots unit of public security organs,police stations play a vital role in the comprehensive management of social security.Because T City B Township is a plain area,located in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Triangle,the mobility of personnel is not large,is mainly agricultural areas.With the rapid development of economy,profound changes have taken place in the population and talent structure,governance field and capital investment in rural villages and towns.Therefore,the governance of this township police station has certain particularity and representativeness in the environment of comprehensive management of social security.27 years ago,with the reform and opening up and economic development,comprehensive governance of social security made great contributions to solving social security problems in the world's most populous countries,and achieved remarkable results.Under the current background,at the decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way,the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC was held smoothly in the critical period of socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era.The report made specific arrangements for comprehensive social governance."Strengthening the construction of community governance system,pushing the focus of social governance down to the grass-roots level,giving full play to the role of social organizations,realizing government governance,social regulation and residents'autonomy." Benign interaction "clearly requires the focus of social governance to move downward to the grass-roots level,for the public security organs,that is,to the public security police station.Public security organs,especially grass-roots police stations,as grass-roots comprehensive management units,their own nature and social tasks determine that they will inevitably play an important role in the comprehensive management of social security.However,as far as the complex situation of public security in modern society is concerned,whether in practice or in theoretical research,there are still great differences in the functional orientation of police stations,and there are many restrictions in the process of performing their functions.Therefore,it is particularly important to improve the functions of police stations.Many scholars in China have carried out a series of reforms and explorations on the dilemma of the function orientation of police stations,but there is no perfect system and mechanism in the whole system.How to give full play to the role of public security police stations in the comprehensive management of social security,reform the management system of public security police stations and reward and punishment mechanism to meet the needs of comprehensive management of social security.This paper probes into useful practice and proposes feasible solutions to improve the functions of police stations in order to better play the role of police stations in the comprehensive management of social security.
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