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Research On The "Reforms Of Streamlining Government Administration,Delegating Powers,Improving Regulation And Services" In Qujing City

Posted on:2020-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S T LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330578951254Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the 18th CPC national congress,Premier Li's proposed that China will start the reform of the seventh round of administrative system with the main line of"accelerating the transformation of government functions."Under the conditions of China's market economy,only by truly transforming the market into the main body of resource allocation in the economic system can the government gradually transform into a"service-oriented government" in the process of continuous development.The reform of "istribution management" is based on deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval,strengthening the business process and the post-event supervision,and reforming the government service to further improve the government's administrative efficiency and public affairs.The convenience is to achieve the goal,of building a satisfactory "service-oriented government."As the second largest economic city in Yunnan Province,Qujng.actively implements the policy requirements of the party and the state,continuously promotes the reform of the "distribution service" according to the overall national deployment and planning,and deepens the road of the "distribution service" reform process for many years.Explore a road of reform and innovation with the characteristics of Qujing City.Based on the requirements of the government's modern governance ability and efficiency,this paper takes the overall governance concept as the research basis,and uses the methods of literature research and comparative analysis as the research methods of the thesis,and the reform status of the reform of the "distribution suit" in Qujing City.The contents of reform,reform and inno,vation,and problems in reform were analyzed.The study found that there are many innovations in Qujing City's"distribution suit" reform,such as the "5333"working mechanism established by Qujing City,the innovation "Internet 4+non-public party building",and the implementation of "two 100,000 yuan" micro-small Enterprises cultivate policies,but in the process of reform,there are also problems such as fragmentation of reforms,unsatisfactory coordination of departments,lack of institutionalized and standardized supervision,and imperfect information technology.At the end of the article,through the combination of Qujing's own reforms,the problems in the reform of the"distribution suit" and the causes of the problems are analyzed,and the reforms are proposed in line with the reform trend of Qujing City.Rationalization advice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Streamline administration,delegate powers,and improve regulation and services, Holistic governance, Qujing city
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