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The Interest Configuration And Right Struture Of The Subject Of E-sports Broadcasting

Posted on:2019-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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E-sports broadcasting refers to the practice of real-time broadcast of e-sports through the Internet and TV.Now there are a lot of problems and disputes in e-sports broadcasting.Whether the unauthorized use of the game software in the live broadcast is a violation of the copyright of the software copyright owner.There is a dilemma in the issue of broadcast rights,broadcasting rights of information networks,or other rights of broadcasters of unauthorized live broadcast websites,platform piracy,broadcast of E-sports live video,infringement of electric competition events,or direct broadcast parties in live broadcasts.There are also disputes in the academic and practical circles in solving these problems and disputes.In the e-sports broadcast,there are four main players:game software copyright holders,e-sports contestants,electric competition organizers,and electric event live broadcast parties.According to the input of each participant in the live broadcast,Game software copyright holders,e-sports contestants,and E-sports contest organizers all have interest claims for copyright in live works of e-sports.E-sports contestants still have interest claims for performer rights.In order to promote the sound development of the e-sports live broadcasting industry,the interests appeals of the participants of the e-sports live broadcasting cannot be satisfied.Therefore,based on the creation and dissemination of motivational works,incentives for investment and transactions,and ultimately promote the development of e-sports broadcast industry,the basic criteria for the four players involved in the online live broadcasting rights structure.The organizer of the electric competition shall use its copyright in the live broadcast of the live work or the neighboring right of the video product with its dominant input in the live broadcast of the game,and shall guarantee the personal rights of the direct author of the live broadcast work of the e-sports contestant;e-sports contestants shall enjoy the rights of the performers;the live events of the electric contest shall provide platform support for the live broadcasting of the electric game,and shall enjoy control of the broadcasting rights of the live works of the electric game;The copyright issue of online game software copyright holders should be based on specific analysis of contractual agreements in the live broadcast of specific electric games to determine the copyright scope of online game software copyright holders.
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