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Examining The Relationship Between Government And Green Innovation In Third-Party Logistics Firms

Posted on:2020-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330578981093Subject:Business management
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China's economy has made a remarkable achievement,but with substantial costs on its environment.To mitigate the negative impacts as well as create a quality environment,China has endeavored to a green economy and sustainable development.However,due to their inherent profit-seeking idiosyncrasy,firms often lack motivations to championing environmental measures.Therefore,governments must enact a spectrum of regulations and policies to force firms to protect the environment.However,the existing literature mainly focused on the effects of regulation,and studies on the effects of government support as well as the synergistie effects of both regulation and support are limited.Using third-party logistics as a backdrop and from the integrated theoretical lens of incentive theory,resource dependence theory,and stakeholder theory,this thesis empirically examines the effects of government regulation and government support on green innovations.Based on the survey data of 165 third-party logistics firms in China,the present study finds that both regulatory pressure and government support can promote green innovations,and regulatory pressure and government support are mutually synergized to augment green innovations.The effect of government support is more prominent for firms with a freedom-oriented culture.On the contrary,the effects of both regulatory pressure and government are weaker for firms with a control-oriented culture.Furthermore,regulatory pressure exerts more power to facilitate green innovations when the market is highly competitive.Theoretically,this thesis enriches the literature on organizational behaviors,business environment,and strategic decision-making,as well as delineates the application of incentive theory to green innovations.Managerially,this study offers decision-making insights for governments and managers.
Keywords/Search Tags:regulatory pressure, governmental support, organizational culture, competitive intensity, green innovation
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