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On The Legal Supervision Of Internet Financial Non-Bank Payment Institutions

Posted on:2019-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Internet banking revolutionized the traditional financial industry on the daily lives of people living in the way of life,as a non-bank financial representative Internet payment characteristics because of its flexible,fast and convenient,popular people favor,has the advantages of traditional financial payment can't match.But as a new intermediary platform for non-bank payment while providing convenience for buyers and sellers,there are credit risk,technology risk,precipitation fund,liquidity risk,protect the interests of customers and regulatory difficult financial risk etc..For non-bank payment mechanism plays an important role in the society has made the payment system,but the laws and regulations on the supervision and other supporting measures are not complete,therefore,how to improve the legal supervision system to establish a safe and effective supervision system is an important issue to be in-depth investigation and study of the.This paper aims to a comprehensive study on China's Internet non-bank payment laws and regulations and supervision system,supervision system and relevant foreign experience,through the combination of empirical investigation and theoretical research way of non-bank payment supervision evaluation and deep thinking in China,and puts forward suggestions on how to improve non-bank the supervision system in China.In addition to the introduction and conclusion,the text is divided into three chapters.The first chapter is the development and current situation of non-bank payment.This part focuses on how non-bank payment is generated and its management model,legislation status and risks.The second chapter mainly studies the legal problems of non-bank payment regulation.Comprehensive interpretation of our current implementation of the "non-bank payment institutions online payment service management approach",including non-bank payment institutions,the legal status of the definition of market access mechanism,precipitation funds regulation,consumer protection,anti money laundering supervision,and to investigate the CBRC,CSRC and CIRC three.One of the major trends,non-bank payment supervision mechanism.The third chapter is the regulation and regulation plan of non-bank payment.The United States EU and other developed countries and regions of non-bank payment investigation and analysis of the legal regulatory system,for improving the bank payment institutions legal supervision experience in our country,put forward the legal supervision regulation scheme according to the situation of our country.Finally,on the basis of summarizing the full text,this paper forecasts the future development and effective supervision of non-bank payment institutions in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet finance, Non-bank payment, Financial risk, Regulatory issues, Regulatory measures
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