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Research On The Testimony Of Witness In Civil Litigation In China

Posted on:2019-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In our judicial practice,there are often "witnesses are unwilling to testify in court","witnesses are afraid to appear in court to testify","witnesses testify in court to not tell the truth","witnesses are not unified in the court testimony","judges do not believe in witnesses",etc.The chaos of witnesses testifying,affecting the full effect of the evidence of witness testimony,affecting the law enforcement to identify the facts of the case,further affecting the effective protection of legitimate rights and interests,affecting the judicial dignity of the country and judicial authority.Chinese citizens generally have no witnesses to testify,and they have no fear of facts and no beliefs;Chinese legislators do not pay enough attention to such evidences of witness testimony;the provisions of the civil procedure law and related laws on witness systems are too principled and simple;existing witnesses are available.The law stipulates that the operability is not strong in judicial practice;the lack of trust of witnesses in witness testimony,etc.,is the root cause of witnesses' testimony.In-depth discussion of the internal and external causes of witnesses' difficulty in witnessing,establishing a mechanism for the effective,effective and adequate protection of the personal and property of witnesses and their relatives;establishing an objective neutral guarantee mechanism for witnesses to protect witness testimony from external factors;Unified witnesses appear in court to testify procedures,so that witnesses can be more scientific in court,and it is more conducive to distinguishing the authenticity of testimony and finding out the truth of the case;improving the witness' s mechanism of perjury,and letting the crime of civil perjury be punished or innocent.Scientifically clarify and refine the qualifications of witnesses,and strictly examine the qualifications of witnesses to testify according to law;...constructively improve the system of witnesses in civil litigation in China,create a fair and just judicial environment,and strive to find out the truth of each judicial case.Efforts to make the people feel fair and just in every judicial case.
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