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Study On The Conversion Of Individual Insurance Rights By Insured Group Insurance

Posted on:2020-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The report of the 19 th National Congress pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the social security system.As an important part of commercial insurance,group insurance plays an important complementary role in the construction of the social security system.However,for some people who do not fully understand the group insurance,they are not aware of the purchase of personal insurance during the period of group insurance insurance.After the termination of the group insurance guarantee,they will be in a state of no commercial insurance protection.However,China's current insurance-related legislation does not have corresponding provisions to circumvent this situation.In order to better realize the connection between group insurance and personal insurance and protect the interests of the insured,China can stipulate the right of the insured group insurance to convert personal insurance in the insurance law.This is not only a requirement for the welfare of group insurance employees,but also an important measure to protect people's livelihood.For the construction of the insured group insurance to convert personal insurance rights,China can learn from the United States and Taiwan's practices,from the rights exercise,the subject,the object,the term and the effective requirements to improve the rights of the insured.
Keywords/Search Tags:group insurance, personal insurance, conversion, notification rules, truthful disclosure obligations
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