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Study On Sports Injury And Prevention Of Fire Vocational Training

Posted on:2020-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330590485995Subject:Sports training
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Fire fighting officers and soldiers are special talents who are militarized and specialized in the struggle against fire.It is responsible for the supervision and management of the fire safety in the troops,the long-term fire fighting and the rescue under the bad environment,which has higher requirements for the comprehensive quality of the firemen and soldiers.High-intensity,high-pressure training leads to sports injury.Therefore,this research through the Hunan Province firefighters sports injury investigation,combined with the main causes of injury to carry on a comprehensive analysis,trying to find out some preventive measures in the research.Put forward effective measures to prevent and reduce sports injury for firefighters in Hunan province.In this paper,literature,questionnaire,mathematical statistics,logical analysis and on-the-spot observation are used to investigate and analyze the current situation of sports injury of firefighters in Hunan province.The conclusions of the study are as follows:1.Most of the firefighters in Hunan Province have a high school degree or above,99.5% of them have more than two years of enlistment in the armed forces,and 99.5% of them have more than two years of entry into the army.In training,queue formation,physical fitness,basicbusiness and professional training accounted for 100%,psychological training accounted for the lowest 52.5%;The training time of most firefighters is more than 2 hours,and the training frequency is more than5 times a week,72.5% of the firefighters have a preparation time of less than 10 minutes and 15 minutes,and the preparation time is seriously insufficient.The preparation activities of the vast majority of firefighters are general joint activities.General muscle stretching and general jogging.2.The incidence of sports injury of firefighters in Hunan Province was 92%,and the areas of sports injuries were mainly concentrated in the limbs and trunk parts of the body.Thighs,calves,knee joints and ankle joints were the main parts of lower extremities,and the proportion of injuries was more than 50%,of which the largest was 68.47%.In sports injury,the highest rate of injury was 75.54% due to fire-fighting professional training,among which the injury rate was the highest in regular exercise training projects.3.During the sports injury period of firefighters in Hunan Province,routine technical training was the most important cause,accounting for 70.65%.Among the types of sports injury,muscle strain,joint injury and ligament injury were the main types of injury,and the percentage of moderate injury and above injury was 59.24% in the degree of sports injury.The highest frequency of sports injury was 53.26%,and more than 50% of firefighters had repeated injury in the same part.In the prevention and treatment of sports injury,only 2.18% of the fire officers and soldiers know very well.4.In view of the current situation of sports injuries of firefighters in Hunan Province,this paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures from the reasons of physical quality,psychological reasons,training reasons and cognitive reasons of sports injuries: enhancing physical fitness;paying attention to psychological training;scientific training;Purchase and build training facilities and equipment;knowledge of prevention and treatment of injury in popular science sports.
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