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Analysis Of Green Volunteers Union V. A City-lin Mining Company Interest Litigation On Environmental Pollution

Posted on:2020-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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On the basis of the water pollution prevention and control facilities of the pyrite ore beneficiation project,Jianshi Shuichangping Mining Co.,Ltd.illegally discharged the tailings and wastewater generated during the production process to the outside of the plant,seriously polluting the water body adjacent to the Qianzhangyan Reservoir.In March 2016,the Chongqing Green Volunteers Federation made clear the fact that the reservoir pollution caused by the behavior of the founding sulphur factory mining limited liability company in Enshi Autonomous Prefecture,and the impact and losses were relatively large.The appellee filed an environmental pollution incident according to relevant laws.The environmental public interest litigation is reasonable and lawful,and the court is requested to support its claim.The focus of the dispute in the public interest litigation case is: whether the case harms the public interest;whether the environmental violation should be ordered to stop and carry out the ecological environment restoration;whether it is necessary to re-evaluate the contaminated site;4 whether it needs to be in the national media Apologize to the public.Combining the views of both parties and the evidence of the evidence,and the analysis of the legal interpretation,the application of laws and regulations,etc.,first of all,the case does harm the public interest,and the defendant should be required to provide relief to the public interest in accordance with the court's penalty;secondly,environmental violations should Immediately suspend and require ecological restoration of contaminated sites;in addition,environmental impact assessment should be re-run.At present,China's environmental public interest litigation also needs to optimize the ecological restoration methods,build an environmental liability insurance system,improve the environmental impact assessment system,and speed up the identification and evaluation of relevant legislation,in order to promote the development of China's ecological civilization.
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