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Research On Control Strategy Of Illegal Land Use In Yunlong District

Posted on:2020-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330590952041Subject:Public Administration
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Land resources are important material bases for human survival and development.Land,as an important labor material for social production,plays an indispensable role in social development.In recent years,due to the deployment of subway projects along the line of Yunlong District in Xuzhou City,as well as the implementation of old shantytown reconstruction and village demolition and resettlement projects,the contradiction between people and land has become increasingly prominent.The scarcity of land resources in Yunlong District has led to the emergence of illegal and illegal land use in the jurisdiction.Illegal land use behavior not only hinders the smooth implementation of the overall land use planning,but also causes the inefficiency of land resources utilization to a certain extent,and even touches the relevant laws and regulations.At present,strengthening the management and control of illegal land use has become a normalization work of the land department.Land law enforcement work as a kind of public management with characteristics of management,how to combine public management theory with practical law enforcement work has far-reaching practical significance.This paper will enumerate some cases of illegal land management and control problems in Yunlong District,and then analyze the causes and impact of illegal land use in Yunlong District,and combined with relevant public management theory to propose illegal land management and control strategies,so as to maintain the order of land resources management and ensure the rational development and utilization of land resources in Yunlong District.
Keywords/Search Tags:land resources, illegal land use, control strategy, public management, Yunlong District
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