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Research On The Effectiveness Of The Third Party Electronic Medical Records

Posted on:2017-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,people pay more and more attention to the authenticity of medical history in medical tort cases.In view of the medical litigation of burden of proof in dispute,taking into account the patients medical industry,this particular difficulties of proof of facts,and doctors lack of credibility leads to many medical personnel suffered unrighted wrong status.In order to ease the burden of proof,the burden of proof in medical tort cases to protect the fairness of the case.In this paper,the effectiveness of electronic medical records as the research object,on the application of the guardian Planning Commission as the third party to save electronic medical records in order to ensure the validity of electronic medical records of the issue of their own views.In addition to the preface and the conclusion,this thesis consists of four parts.Chapter one is "the change of burden of proof of medical tort",China's medical tort liability system of the burden of proof from who advocate who proof to the inversion of burden of proof,until now "tort liability act" provisions of the fault liability and fault presumption of combination of dual rule principle system.The second chapter "China of medical tort liability system is insufficient,analyzes the medical industry professional and special,pointed out that the medical practice in suffering from evidence difficult objective reasons,discusses the law of our country lacks the fact that the burden of proof in medical litigation easing rules and Article 58 of the tort liability law in practice in the presence of inadequate.The third chapter "electronic medical records third-party preservation mechanism,in order to alleviate the burden of proof is difficult problems in patients with,sorting out and analyzing Planning Commission as a third party to real-time save hospital electronic medical records of mechanism,summarizing the existing pilot hospital of the success and the insufficiency and the direction to improve.This paper expounds the positive significance of the preservation of the third party of the electronic medical records,as well as the supplement to the principle of proof of medical tort in our country.Chapter four "third party electronic medical record evidence effect of third-party electronic medical record evidence effect,from the evidence of the authenticity,relevance and legal point of,combined with both positive and negative examples,demonstrates the third-party storage electronic case evidence of effectiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:medical tort, electronic medical record, third party preservation, evidence effect
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