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Strengthening The Health Insurance System Of Mongolia

Posted on:2019-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mongolia has adopted a social insurance system based very closely on the International Labor Organization principle which is equality among the Government,employers and individuals.Health insurance contribution of a large number of persons is paid by the government.The Government of Mongolia has introduced public health insurance in 1994 to include public and private sector workers,low income people and vulnerable populations.However,statistical data shows that Mongolia's health insurance premiums are down year by year.Ministry of Health is reporting health insurance coverage within 21 provinces,but there are no more extensive surveys on health insurance coverage.In 2016,employees and employers in the formal sector,representing 28.1% of the insured population,generate 91% of health insurance revenues.The health insurance of the people doing for their national service and people unable to work,representing 57.9% of the insured population,is fully subsidized by the government;this brings in only 6.5% of the income of the social health insurance.In the past,the government subsidized also fully the health insurance of herders and students over than 18 year old,but since 2010 these populations aren't anymore subsidized.The result is that this population is no longer insured,they do not subscribe themselves because they are not informed about insurance benefits or they have no resources.The purpose of this thesis is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Mongolian Health Insurance Organization and to improve human resources ability of the Health Insurance Sub-Council.The result will be the improvement of the social health insurance system.This thesis will be organized to increase capacity for social health insurance financing,to improve performance through management systems and capacity development of the Health Insurance Organization and to strengthen governance of the social health insurance system.
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