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Analysis On Cooperation Of European Common Defense

Posted on:2019-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596463470Subject:Political science
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After the end of World War II,Europe as the main battlefield,has been greatly damaged,countries have been unable to restore their own strength,and the rise of the United States and the Soviet Union,two superpowers,has brought considerable pressure on Europe.Based on such internal and external problems,European countries began to turn their attention to cooperation.The extremely sensitive security and defense issues in cooperation have also begun to emerge in the eyes of European countries.Especially after the EU's economic integration,defense cooperation has become more prominent.At the end of 2017,EU countries signed a joint agreement to achieve "permanent structural cooperation" in the field of defense.European defense cooperation began to receive much attention,but when it comes to defense cooperation,people do not have a systematic and complete understanding.Based on this,from the status quo of European defense cooperation,the process of European defense cooperation is outlined,and the current problems of European defense cooperation are analyzed,and the future direction of European defense cooperation is predicted.This paper first describes and analyzes the process of defense cooperation in Europe since the Cold War.This part divides this period into three stages: initiation,formation and development.Secondly,it analyzes the current situation of defense cooperation in Europe,and mainly analyzes the current cooperation mechanism,legal system and autonomous action situation in Europe.It also analyzes the causes of a series of achievements that European common defense can achieve today.Finally,the paper analyzes the problems faced in the process of European common defense construction,mainly from external factors,especially American factors,internal institutional factors,political and economic factors and security concept factors.At the same time,it proposes a series of countermeasures,and It also analyzes some factors that can affect the common defense construction in Europe in the future.Through the above analysis,this paper maintains a relatively optimistic view on the future development of European common defense construction.The European common defense will continue to advance in an orderly manner for some time to come,and finally achieve European defense integration.
Keywords/Search Tags:post-Cold War era, European defense cooperation, common security and defense, defense integration
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