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The Research On Influencing Factors Of Promotion Of Prefecture-level Leading Cadres Is Based On The Curriculum Vitae Analysis Of Prefecture-level Leading Cadres In Qinghai Province

Posted on:2020-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596488148Subject:Public administration
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"Focus on cultivate loyal clean bear high-caliber cadres" is a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics xi thought important requirement for the work of cadres,the key is to do a good job of cadre cultivation,selection,management,use,basic is the cadre personal growth and efforts,the cadre promotion as the combination of the above two,is a complex process,is a political thinking matures,improving continuously the theory,policy,business experience accumulating,enhance organization and leadership ability,integrated embodiment of its increasingly rich social experience and there are other aspects influencing factors of interaction.Based on social network theory,incentive theory,human capital theory as the theoretical basis,state in Qinghai province departmental level cadres as the research object,collected in December 2018 in office 272 departmental leading cadres of all kinds of information,from the individual characteristics,social relationship,experience,economic performance during his tenure,as to the five dimensions of the influence factors of departmental level cadres promotion do multivariate regression linear analysis,analyze the departmental level cadres promotion characteristics and laws in our country,and puts forward the relevant departmental level cadres promotion mechanism and the reform of the cadre and personnel system of policy recommendations.Compared with the previous theoretical research results,this paper based on analysis of characteristics of leading cadres of joined on an individual's social relationship,experience,economic performance during his tenure,served to situations such as work experience,combined with interviews of some leading cadres,expand the promotion factors of content analysis,preliminary exploration formed accords with the practice of the cadre grow,realistic countermeasures,for the organization and personnel departments at all levels around the overall cadre selection and improvement of the cadres personal growth and put forward scientific guidance to effectively promote cadres to further adapt to the new era,new requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Leading cadres, Promotion, Influencing factors, Countermeasures
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