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Based On Ya'an's Post-disaster Reconstruction To Carry Out The Socialist Core Values Cultivation Research

Posted on:2019-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596951181Subject:Ideological and political education
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The core values of socialism profoundly grasp the hopes and desires of people in the depths of the soul for a better life,and can prompt the people to take an active part in the construction,which is conducive to enhancing the country's cultural soft power and controlling awareness.The high point of morphological work provides value support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and provides spiritual support for the country's social harmony and long-term stability.Ya'an post-disaster reconstruction bears the major mission of post-disaster reconstruction from the “national system” to the “local responsibility system”.Grasping this special historical opportunity to cultivate socialist core values can not only provide value support and psychological support to people in the disaster-stricken areas.The post-disaster reconstruction will promote the construction of a harmonious and stable environment,lay a good spiritual foundation for the long-term development of the disaster area,further explore the post-disaster reconstruction mechanism,and promote the core values of socialism to be even smaller,less detailed and implemented through post-disaster reconstruction and concrete practices.Provide a demonstration of the cultivation experience for other areas suffering from natural disasters.Based on the analysis of the relationship between post-disaster reconstruction of Ya'an and the nurturing of core values of socialism,this article explains that through the practice of post-disaster reconstruction,it can effectively realize the dailyization,visualization,concreteness,and life of socialist core values,and lead people's lives while raising the level of recognition..In order to better combine the core values of socialist reconstruction in Ya'an post-disaster reconstruction to develop experiences,achieve results,and cultivate difficulties and causes,the author conducts research on different groups in Ya'an districts and five counties through interviews,through case collection,group interviews,and personal interviews.,network interviews,field visits and other methods to master the core values of socialist core values from top to bottom in Ya'an post-disaster reconstruction,and on this basis,put forward more targeted training paths.The cultivation of socialist core values in post-disaster reconstruction of Ya'an needs to grasp the psychologicalopportunities for the people in the disaster areas to truly benefit from post-disaster reconstruction,in order to create a nurturing atmosphere,build cultivation scenarios,deepen the theoretical identification,enrich the cultivated forms,and establish a cultivation mechanism as a starting point to achieve cultivation objectives..This article consists of three parts except the introduction and the conclusion:In the first part(chapter 2,3,4),this section starts with the concept of post-disaster reconstruction and the concept of socialist core values.Through the analysis of the correlation between the two,it explains the feasibility of fostering socialist core values in post-disaster reconstruction.In the second part(Chapter 5),this part obtains materials through investigation and study,grasps the core values of socialist core values in Ya'an's post-disaster reconstruction and cultivates and practices basic conditions.From general to special,it summarizes useful practices,while discovering problems and analyzing causes.In the third part(Chapter 6),this section puts forward a more concrete training path based on Ya'an's cultivation work and the existing difficulties.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ya'an post-disaster reconstruction, cultivation of socialist core values, identity, daily life
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