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Research On The Construction Of Young Cadres Team In Guangzhou Land Resources And Planning Commission Directly Affiliated Institution

Posted on:2019-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596962805Subject:Master of Public Administration
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The report of the 19 th CPC National Congress clearly stated that it is necessary to vigorously discover and reserve young cadres,pay attention to cultivating young cadres at the grassroots level and difficult and difficult places,and continuously select and employ outstanding young cadres who have been tested in practice.At present,under the new situation of grassroots service party organization construction,building a contingent of high-quality young cadres is a major task for the party to govern for a long time and stabilize its political status.It is also a grass-roots service party organization that strengthens its own construction and maintains its advanced nature.This article is based on the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources and Planning(hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Land and Resources Planning Commission),a government-affiliated institution,and takes young people under the age of 35 as the research object.Starting from the case,it uses quantitative and qualitative research methods to obtain primary data.Exploratory research on the problems existing in the building of the young cadre ranks of grassroots service party organizations.The study found that strengthening the construction of the youth cadre team in the national land planning system needs to strengthen the following measures: First,Establish a good image of grassroots service-oriented party organizations;Second,the higher level party organizations support grassroots service party organizations to enhance the effectiveness of organizational activities;third is youth Cadres cultivating and constructing libraries,and doing a good job of the party's management of cadres;Fourth,constantly grasp the education of young cadres on clean government and implement supervision responsibilities;Fifth,strengthen the ideological and political construction of young cadres and ensure “four qualifications”.This article through the in-depth excavation of the grass-roots service party organizations of the national land planning system to provide a realistic basis for the exploration of the construction of young cadres,and at the same time provide ideas and methods for the training and management of human resources in the public sector.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Service-type grassroots Party-organization, Young cadre, Team building, Public human resources, Country planning
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