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Research On Application Of Notice And Take-Down Rule Of Internet Platform Service Provider

Posted on:2019-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of network technology,we entered the era of "Internet plus",and Internet service providers play an important role in today's social life.While we enjoy all kinds of Internet services,there are also numerous infringement behaviors in the Internet environment,and the number of infringement lawsuits is rapidly rising,and the types of infringement are diversified.In judicial practice,when the court judges the tort liability of the network service provider,it often involves the application of the "notice Ė take down" rule.As an important rule in the field of copyright law,whether it can be applied in infringement cases such as trademark right,patent right,etc.,is also increasingly becoming a problem.In this paper,the first chapter of this paper briefly introduces the Internet platform service providers to become in the people's life can not be neglected,and the role of "notice-delete" breaking the rules of copyright for background,and the research status at home and abroad.The second chapter mainly clarifies the basic concepts and development status of network service providers and network platform service providers.Third chapter our country law within the framework of "notice-delete" rules of the system and related laws and regulations,the fourth chapter mainly introduces "notice-delete" rules in the trademark rights,patent rights shall be applicable to the cases of infringement case,the fifth chapter mainly introduces "notice-delete" problems of rules applicable in the field of intellectual property rights,the sixth chapter according to the above problem to put forward some feasible Suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Service Provider, Internet Platform Service Provider, "Notice-Take Down" Rule
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