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A Study On Countermeasures For Improving Public Service Ability Of Archives

Posted on:2020-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596992068Subject:Public administration
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The Decision of the CPC Central Committee on Deepening the Reform of Party and Government Institutions is promulgated in 2018,it is a profound transformation in promoting the modernization of National governance system and governance capacity in China.According to the requirements of Central Committee for the Reform of Local Institutions,the institutional reform plans of local archives have issued by Local Party committees and governments.Although the details of reform are different,the overall trend is that the administrative functions of Archives are assigned to the General Office of CPC committee,and public services functions of Archives still maintain the public institutions.At the beginning of start this thesis,the author collects some basic data of public service work in many Provincial Archives,and Delivery the Questionnaires which designed by myself to specific populations.According to analysis those above data and the results of Questionnaires,and use some typical examples which occurred with author working in Inner Mongolia Archives,we get the existing problems of public service of Provincial Archives.And this thesis analysis of the limiting factors which are affecting the improvement of Public Services Ability of Archives and puts forward countermeasures by several theories.Those theories are include emerging theories of public management such as New Public Service Theory,Multicenter Governance Theory,and those Archival Theories such as Archives Dual Value Theory.This paper put forward many specific and detailed reasons and manifestations from FIVE aspects,such as weak foundation of Archives building,file utilization degree and method cannot meet the user needs,low digitalization level,lack of influence in Compiling Research results,and inadequate function of archives public culture and education.Based on those analysis of the causes of the problems and summary the practical experience gained from practical work,the author believes that the improvement of the public service capacity of Archives should start from five aspects.First,we should promote institutional reform and improve the supply mechanism of public services.Second,we should strengthen the construction of archives infrastructure and resources.Third,we should improve the level of Archival Information.Fourth,improve the public service of Archives by optimizing the internal works.Fifth,we should strengthen the function of archives publicity and education.And then elaborated above aspects in detail.Based on the knowledges of Public Management,this paper comprehensively expounds the factors restricting the improvement of public service ability of Provincial Archives and the countermeasures.And it is makes a preliminary exploration for the related research in the future,and providing theoretical basis for those Archives under the New Round of Institutional reform to helped them to finding the Orientation,Transforming Functions,Promoting Services and Creating a new starting point of Archives.At the same times,the research methods used in this paper have direct guiding and practical significance in evaluating the Satisfaction Degree and constructing the Evaluation System of Archives Utilization Service.
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