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The Origins,Evolution And Prospect Of American Multiculturalism

Posted on:2020-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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America is a nation of immigrants.It has experienced three massive immigrant waves,attracting so many immigrants like European Americans,African Americans,Asian Americans,Latin Americans and so on.Different cultures exist in this multi-ethnic country,which forms a phenomenon of multicultures.The American spirit of inclusiveness and openness lays an ideological basis for the development of multiculturalism.With the appearance of Civil Right Movement,the consciousness of minorities was awakened.The ethnic groups succeeded in fighting for equality.Afterwards,the government implemented Affirmative Action Program and protected employment and education of minorities,which provided an institutional basis for multiculturalism.Multiculturalism is a political ideology that minor groups want to break the dominance of white Anglo-Saxon protestants in quest for equal right.So it has posed a big challenge to American mainstream culture.As for the merits and demerits of American multiculturalism,there are many controversies in the current academic circle.The study on multiculturalism is conducive to know some social problems America has confronted.In the contemporary society,the communication among different countries becomes increasingly frequent.Diversity has become an important term of cultural communication among different countries.Therefore,it is necessarily significant to study multiculturalism.Additionally,American multiculturalism is an important part of multiculturalism in the world.The research on multiculturalism has never stopped ever since American multiculturalism appeared.Basically,the research is primarily the introduction of and criticism on American multiculturalism.The thesis consists of parts: the first part is a brief introduction of American multiculturalism;the second part is an analysis of the origins of multiculturalism;the third part deals with the controversies over multiculturalism.The last one is to depict the reality and prospect of American multiculturalism.The thesis is aimed at analyzing the evolution and influence of American multiculturalism,discussing the origins and existing problems of American multiculturalism,which can provide experience for other countries' cultural development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multiculturalism, Immigrants, Equality, Diversity, Culture, Minorities
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