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Research On Rural Community Construction In China Under The Background Of Urban And Rural Integration

Posted on:2020-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D K MuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330599953835Subject:Marxism in China
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For a long time,due to the influence of the urban-rural dual system,China's rural social construction is relatively lagging behind,and the rural public service resources are relatively scarce.This is in stark contrast with the orderly construction of the city and the relatively sufficient public service resources.The short board of economic and social development.With the continuous advancement of reform and opening up,rural society has been closed from opening to opening.Constantly advancing reform and opening to the outside,to realize the background and request to build a well-off society in an all-round way,the farmers of living conditions,living environment,higher requirements are put forward.In recent years,rural community construction in China has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results.But there are still some contradictions and problems to be solved in the process of rural community construction.Look,there have also been some contradictions and problems that need to be resolved.Therefore,In theory,how to combine the background of urban-rural integration to further enrich and develop the theory of rural community construction in China;In practice,how to improve the new model of rural community construction in China,to achieve long-term and stable development of rural communities,have important research value.This paper conducts a preliminary study on rural community governance in the process of urban-rural integration,analyzes the problems existing in the construction of rural communities in China,and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions,laying a foundation for in-depth study of rural community governance in China.This paper first expounds the theoretical basis of rural community construction.On this basis,it analyzes the main problems existing in the current rural community construction: the farmers' rights and interests are not fully guaranteed;the rural community planning and management is improper;the land use in rural community construction Unreasonable;insufficient supply of basic public services,The problems caused by the current rural community construction are: lack of scientific system planning,backward economic foundation,lack of social capital,and uncoordinated urban and rural development.On the basis of analyzing the domestic and foreign related experience of rural community construction,the last part of the article puts forward the specific countermeasures for the construction of rural communities in China under the background of urban and rural integration.It is necessary to further improve the construction of rural communities and increase the support and investment of funds.Integrate land resources;further strengthen the support of rural community industry development.With the continuous deepening of the urban-rural integration process,rural communities have grown rapidly.Constantly improving the governance level of rural communities and promoting the harmony and stability of rural communities is of great significance for accelerating the integration of urban and rural areas.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural community urban and rural integration, problem, countermeasure
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