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Study On The Publicity Campaign Of The Eighth Route Army On The Japanese Army During The Comprehensive Anti-japanese War

Posted on:2020-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602461616Subject:Marxist theory
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Political work is the lifeline of the CPC's army.One of its principles is to disintegrate enemy forces and treat prisoners kindly.During the period of comprehensive anti-Japanese war,the Eighth Route Army regarded the publicity campaign against the Japanese army as a spiritual weapon to disintegrate the Japanese troops' will of fighting and a magic weapon to reverse the war situation,which creating favorable conditions for the Chinese Communist Party to win the victory of the Anti-Japanese War at an early date.This study takes the development of the Eighth Route Army's publicity campaign for the Japanese army during the Comprehensive Anti-Japanese War as the main line,analyzes the theoretical source and realistic conditions of the Eighth Route Army publicity campaign,and clarifies the development process of the Eighth Route Army's publicity campaign to the Japanese army.From the perspective of the developmental process of publicity campaign against Japanese army,it was the start-up stage from July 1937 to the end of 1941.During this period,the Eighth Route Army established a sophisticated working department against the enemy and trained Japanese publicity talents.Under the influence of the preferential treatment policy,Japanese prisoners gradually participated in the disintegration activities of the Eighth Route Army against the Japanese army,realizing the transformation of the Eighth Route Army's publicity content from political guidance to emotional incitement.The establishment of the Japanese Workers and Peasants' School has cultivated a new anti-war publicity force,laying the foundation for the Japanese anti-war organization to become the main force of publicity after 1942.During this period,the publicity work of the Eighth Route Army began to bear fruit.In 1942,after the outbreak of the Pacific War,the Japanese army became war-torn and the Eighth Route Army further improved its status and level of publicity campaign for the Japanese army.Yan'an Rectification Movement made the publicity campaign of the Eighth Route Army more pragmatic.The anti-war organizations established by the Japanese prisoners have undergone a unified reorganization,forming a Japanese anti-war force.These all indicate that the Eighth Route Army's publicity campaign for the Japanese army has begun to move to a new stage.Therefore,from January 1942 to the end of the war,the disintegration work of the Eighth Route Army showed a booming development.This is also the stage of the maturity and climax of the Eighth Route Army's publicity campaign for the Japanese army.During this period,the main force of the Eighth Route Army's publicity on the Japanese army gradually shifted from the Eighth Route Army's enemy labor department to the Japanese anti-war organization.The Japanese anti-war organization became the main force of the Eighth Route Army's publicity to the Japanese army.It was a fundamental change in the way the Eighth Route Army disintegrated publicity,and it was also the embodiment of the Eighth Route Army's ability to train Japanese anti-war forces.Through the disintegration publicity,the Eighth Route Army turned the Japanese prisoners into a reliable helper to fight side by side.It can be regarded as a miracle in the world anti-fascist war.This is not only an important means for the CPC to expand its anti-Japanese united front,but also an important way to improve its international influence.It also created a condition for winning the victory of the war.
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