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Research On The Legal System Of Land Reclamation In Coal Mine Area Of China

Posted on:2021-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As important natural resources,coal and land resources,are related to the national economy and people's livelihood,so they need to be developed,utilized and protected reasonably.Land resources can bring huge economic and social benefits.Coal mining enterprises will inevitably destroy land resources in the process of mining.In addition,coal mining enterprises only pay attention to economic benefits and do not actively implement land reclamation planning in coal mining areas.Therefore,the government of coal mining areas should take effective measures to urge coal mining enterprises to actively reclaim the damaged land,and then restore the ecological environment of the coal mine area.Laws and regulations play an important guiding role in land reclamation in coal mine areas.A better legal systems and regulations of land reclamation in coal mine area will be conducive to the smooth development of land reclamation activities in coal mine area,the sustainable development of land resources in coal mine area and the restoration of ecological environment,so as to realize the harmonious unity of economic benefits,social benefits and ecological benefits of land reclamation in coal mine area.Due to mining companies and the public's environmental protection consciousness weak,inadequate public participation in coal mining area land reclamation,land reclamation activities need money cannot get effective safeguard,the competent department of land and resources for the coal mining enterprise supervision does not reach the designated position,in the face of these problems affecting the process of coal mining area land reclamation work,we need according to the actual situation of development and change constantly,develop and perfect our legal system of coal mine area land reclamation.In this paper,the author firstly makes a simple analysis of the difficulties faced by the land reclamation work in coal mine areas of China,and then illustrates it with specific cases.Secondly,by analyzing the dilemma of land reclamation in coal mine areas in China,the author further expounds the main legal reasons for this dilemma.For example,the legal system is not perfect,the subject of the obligation is not clear,the content of the obligation is not complete,and the legal responsibility is not clear.Thirdly,it puts forward to improve the relevant legal system of land reclamation in coal mine area in order to promote the smooth progress of land reclamation in coal mine area in China.Finally,aiming at the specific problems in the process of land reclamation in coal mine areas,the supporting system of land reclamation in coal mine areas is perfected.
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