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Study On The Role Of Grassroots Women's Federation In Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2021-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602472163Subject:Administrative Management
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At present,the urbanization process is speeding up the serious loss of rural population,and rural women have become the main force of rural revitalization.In addition,with the awakening of women's own consciousness and the promotion of relevant government policies,women have become effective forces to promote construction and development.As the bridge and link between the party and the government,and the last kilometer of the Women's Federations at the grass-roots level,the grass-roots Women's Federations are of great significance.Therefore,we should give full play to its due role,help women to promote rural revitalization while improving themselves,and give full play to the unique advantages of women and the unique status of women's federations,so as to contribute to the construction of rural revitalization.Based on grassroots women's role in the country revitalization of play to explore direction,according to the theory of social governance and social gender theory as the theoretical basis,analyzes the change of the women's subject status and women's organizations should be how to better make women play a role in the country revitalization through the field research with several typical cities in Shandong province,with a wide range of questionnaire at the same time,learned the basic symbol of Women's Federation in industrial revitalization of talent culture prosperity Ecological revitalization and the revitalization of the remarkable progress was made in five aspects,of course,also has exposed some problems,such as Women's Federations at the grass-roots level in the five revitalization of the role of play a significant imbalance,to develop the activity of rural revitalization of lack of funds,personnel structure is difficult to meet the needs of rural revitalization,propaganda and mobilization has not give full play to the role In order to better play to the impetuses of the Grassroots Women's Federation to rural revitalization,and put forward the following four suggestions: the first is wake up and strengthen rural women protagonist consciousness,the second is to optimize the personnel structure of the Grassroots Women's Federation,the third is to provide more abundant funds support to Grassroots Women's Federation,the fourth is the All-China Women's Federation to seek more broad support,realize the comprehensive revitalization of the country.
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