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Study On The Establishment Of Diplomatic Relations Between The United States And Vietnam During The Carter Administration

Posted on:2021-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602472924Subject:International relations
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After the end of the US-Vietnam War,the two sides signed the "Paris Peace Agreement." The rights and obligations stipulated in the agreement will become the focus of debate between the two countries in the future,that is,the contradiction between the issue of missing prisoners of American in the war and Vietnam's request for assistance from the America after the war.In April 1975,the South Vietnamese government collapsed and Vietnam took the initiative to extend an olive branch to the United States,but the Ford government turned a blind eye to it and adopted a tough foreign policy toward Vietnam.However,during the Carter administration period,the US policy on Vietnam was reversed.President Carter devoted himself to promote the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Vietnam,and he bypassed the Congress,actively facilitating bilateral negotiations between the United States and Vietnam.However,the two sides failed to reach an agreement due to the remaining issues left over from the Vietnam War.During this period,there were two incidents,that is,the Nixon letter and the Vietnam spy incident,which led to tensions between the United States and Vietnam.The US Congress passed legislation to restrict government aid to Vietnam.From the negotiation process between the both sides,it is obvious that they lack effective communication so that there is a deep gap between them.With the sudden change of regional situation,the relationships of Vietnam-Cambodia,Soviet-China,China-Vietnam got worse,while Sino-U.S.relations got improved.The United States and Vietnam had contacts with each other on and off.Eventually,Vietnam chose to ally with the Soviet Union to maliciously create anti-China and Exclusive-China incidents as well as export refugees on a large scale.Finally,they launched an aggressive war against Cambodia,which directly led to the normal relations between the United States and Vietnam being frozen.In view of the reasons for the failure of the US diplomatic relations with Vietnam,it can be categorized into three points.From the international level,the development of US-Vietnamese relations has been affected by the constraints of the Cold war bipolar pattern and the competition of regional powers.From the national level,influenced by social culture,ideology and government systems,the two countries lack of effective communication,which causes their misunderstandings so that they are unwilling to compromise with each other.In addition to this,the strategic interests of the two countries are completely in conflict and different.At a personal level,President Carter and government officials have had an important impact on diplomatic decision-making in a critical period.In Vietnam,Li Sun is elected as general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam,which directly promotes the implementation of the hegemonic policy in Vietnam.Finally,in the conclusion part,the research view of international relations analysis eclecticism is adopted.The issue of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries is theoretically discussed and analyzed from the perspective of the realism,liberalism and constructivism of international relations.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Carter administration, the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Vietnam, the cold war, POW/MIA(Prisoner of War/Missing in Action)
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