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Rethinking And Rebuilding Of Donor System For Living Organ Transplantation

Posted on:2021-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602492744Subject:Humanistic Medicine
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Organ transplantation technology is known as the "top of medicine" in the 21 st century.However,since the birth of organ transplantation technology,"inadequate donor" has been a worldwide problem that has plagued the widespread application of this technology,and it has become a "bottleneck" in saving more patients' lives.This problem is particularly prominent in China.Donation of living organs is one of the main donor pathways for organ transplantation.How to reexamine the donor system of living organ transplantation in China from the legal perspective,deeply analyze the shortcomings of the system,explore and unblock and expand the donation channels of living organs in China Further saving the lives of more patients has become an important issue that needs to be researched and solved urgently.The first part of this article mainly introduces and explains the basic theory of the living organ transplant donor system,so as to lay the foundation for the follow-up research;the second part mainly reflects on the current living organ transplant donor system in China and analyzes the system leading to living organ donation The main obstacles that fall into the "bottleneck" : First,the "Regulations on Human Organ Transplantation" for donors and recipients of living organ transplantation is too narrow and the conditions are too strict,which also leads to the donation of living organs in China One of the main reasons for the total proportion being too low;second,the potential and voluntary restrictions on persons with limited civil capacity are stricter;third,China 's laws do not explicitly prohibit cross-transplantation of living organs between non-relatives,but The existence of the scope of donors and recipients for living organ transplantation in the Human Organ Transplant Regulations has made it unclear whether cross-transplantation of living organs between non-relatives can be carried out.This situation is also largely suppressed The source of donors donated by living organs;The official transplantation distribution system is unreasonable and lacks an organ transplantation compensation and incentive mechanism;the third part mainly introduces the successful legislative experience related to the extracorporeal living organtransplantation system,so as to learn and absorb in the improvement of China's relevant system;the fourth part is in the above research On the basis of it,we put forward specific measures for the reconstruction of the donor system for living organ transplantation in our country: formulate a special "Human Organ Transplant Law" to expand the scope of donors of living organs,and conditionally allow cross-transplantation of living organs between non-relatives And establish fair living organ transplantation distribution sharing and cross-transplantation incentive compensation mechanism.Based on the principle of combining theory and practice,this paper mainly uses system research,comparative analysis,case analysis and many other methods to reflect on the current donor system of living organ transplantation in China and put forward suggestions for reconstruction,aiming to explore and solve the "donor The effective path of the problem of "insufficiency" will ultimately better protect the life and health rights of patients.
Keywords/Search Tags:Living organ transplantation, Donor system, Scope limitation, Cross transplantation, Distribution compensation mechanism
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