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Research On The Sino-US Trade Friction From The Perspective Of Power Transition

Posted on:2020-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602953283Subject:Political science
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Power Transition Theory was proposed during the Cold War between the United States and the former Soviet Union.It mainly refers to the process of power transition between the original dominant powers and subsequent rising powers,in which the latter gradually take over the status of the former.The "Sino-US trade war" took place in the context of such an era.The emergence and development of Sino-US trade friction has gone through a long-term process.(1)After the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1979,the two sides signed the Sino-US Trade Relations Agreement.Since then,the trade relations between the two countries started to be normalized,but the imbalance of Sino-US trade emerged;(2)After the end of the Cold War,the trade friction between the two countries began to increase along with the continuous development of Sino-US relations;(3)After China's accession to the WTO in 2001,the rapid growth of Sino-US trade caused the increasing of trade frictions;(4)After Trump was elected president of the United States.The "US priority,proposed by him led to the rise of US trade protectionism which sharpened trade frictions.Sino-US trade frictions involve bilateral trade,anti-dumping,countervailing,special safeguard measures,RMB exchange rate,intellectual property rights,market economy status and many other fields.The trade friction initiators are mostly the United States.The friction frequency is accelerating and the field became extensive,high-level and diversified,with the characteristic of political color and in which China's counterattack is strong hardening.There is a certain internal relationship between power transition and Sino-US trade friction.First of all,there are signs and trends of power transition in the international community,with the presence of the rise of China and the relative decline of the United States,as well as the power transition in its initial stage.Secondly,China takes the prior status in the comparison of relevant indicators of economic,military,scientific and technological strength and international status between China and the United States.Thirdly,the power transition and Sino-US trade friction are interactional.The relative decline of the United States prompted it to launch the trade war against China,and Sino-US trade friction in turn promoted the power transition.the Sino-US trade imbalance,the rise of trade protectionism,the deep-rooted cold war mentality,the anxiety caused by the rapid rise of China and the defects of the current trade rules and global value chain division lead to the trade friction.Therefore,the understanding of Sino-US trade imbalance should be considered and the multilateral trading system should be insisted when resolving Sino-US trade friction.On the basis of this,the two countries should build the new relationship and respect the interests of both sides,to eliminate the doubts and anxiety on both sides and seek to ease the disputes and evade the“Thucydides Trap,under the framework of WTO which caused by trade friction.
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