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Influential Factors And Policy Suggestions On The Happiness Of Empty Nest Elderly In China

Posted on:2021-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since China entered the aging society,the number of elderly people has increased year by year,and the empty nest elderly people have gradually become the focus of social attention.Happiness is a comprehensive evaluation of people's material and spiritual lives,and is an important indicator of the quality of life of empty-nest elderly.It has a positive impact on the life of empty-nest elderly.It is of great theoretical and practical significance to study their happiness.Based on the data from the China Comprehensive Social Survey(CGSS2015),this study uses empirical research methods to analyze the current state of happiness and the influencing factors of empty nest elderly.The results show that the happiness of the empty nest elderly in China is generally higher,and the happiness of different types of empty nest elderly is different.There is no significant difference in the happiness of empty nest elderly.Empty nest elderly with or without spouse;there is a significant difference in happiness of empty nest elderly with or without spouse;urban empty nest elderly are happier than rural empty nest elderly;empty nest elderly with a higher age group are slightly higher than those with a lower age group Empty nest elderly;a healthy empty nest elderly is better than an unhealthy empty nest elderly;an empty nest elderly with a higher education level is better than an empty nest elderly with a lower education level.In terms of influencing factors,social trust,social equity,social class,family economic status,personal economic status,social activity frequency,and self-learning frequency all have a positive impact on the happiness of the empty nest elderly.Among them,family economic status and social equity the impact is greatest.Finally,in order to improve the happiness of the empty nest elderly in China,the following suggestions are put forward: create a fair environment and improve the pension policy;increase capital investment and improve the facilities for elderly care activities;carry out communication activities and publicity and education to encourage the participation of empty nest elderly;Pension plan to increase the ability to resist risks and transfer potential risks;provide adequate spiritual support to increase the company of empty nesters;maintain a healthy mentality and promote mutual trust;maintain good communication relationships with family members,friends and neighbors,and strengthen each other Degree of trust;exercise,regular health check-ups;develop hobbies,and actively participate in community activities.
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