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Research On The Legislative Model Of Brain Death In China

Posted on:2021-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Legislation on brain death is in line with the trend of the world trend.Brain Death Legislation is the Need of Scientific and Technological Progress and Social Development.Many countries use brain death as a criterion for judging death in the form of legislation throughout the world.China's Brain Death Legislation can draw lessons from and absorb successful legislative models of other countries or regions.Through comparative study,we find that some countries and regions have separate legislation models for brain death,That is,to adopt a special legislative mode.Among them,the United States is a typical special legislative country.Other countries and regions have added brain death to organ transplantation law,That is,to adopt a mixed legislative mode.Spain is a typical mixed legislative country.The two legislative models have their own advantages and disadvantages.Comparing Two Legislative Modes of Brain Death Legislation,Weighing the pros and cons,Combining with China's National Condition,the author believes that China should choose a special legislative mode.The adoption of special legislative model for brain death is conducive to popular science education,distinguishing the boundary between brain death and organ transplantation,highlighting the Legal Status and Function of Brain Death.
Keywords/Search Tags:Brain death, Legislative model, organ transplantation
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