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State Brand In Public Diplomacy

Posted on:2021-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the era of globalization,country image is more and more important for national interests as the country's soft power.With the rapid development of China's economy,significant improvement in international status and increasing influence,maintaining the country image is a strategic significance.In recent years,China's public diplomacy has made great contributions to overseas publicity and country image building,which also makes China pay more and more attention to the research and application of public diplomacy.There are various ways to practice public diplomacy,such as state brand,cultural exchange,international broadcasting,etc.,to influence the public opinion of a country and state branding.This paper discusses the mutual influence between state branding and public diplomacy.Instate branding,enterprises as an important non-governmental actor in public diplomacy,how to build promoted to state brand through the enterprise brand strategy,achieving the effect of public diplomacy,affect the country image.The introduction of this paper mainly discusses the significance of the topic,research ideas,research status,the innovation and shortcomings of this paper.The first chapter mainly describes the concept of country image and the way to state branding.The linkage between state brand and public diplomacy is discussed in detail,and the influence of state brand on the country image is further elaborated,as well as the importance of building a world-famous state brand to the country image.The second chapter focuses on the enterprise brand for the importance of state branding,as well as the enterprise brand as an important part of state branding.We also chose two famous brands of South Korea's Samsung and Coca Cola of United States as examples,in detail elaborated the enterprise brand is how to become state brand.The third chapter focuses on the Chinese enterprise brand,first introduces the developing course of Chinese enterprise brand,then expounds China's impact on the enterprise brand for China's state branding,finally illustrates the China most successful enterprise brands in the world,Huawei,Alibaba and Tiktok,their shaping China's state brand was described in detail,affect different aspects of China's country image.The fourth chapter,based on the above discussion,gives some suggestions on the path of public diplomacy for our enterprise brands,emphasizing the interaction between government and enterprise,shaping the brand image of enterprises and the country,building the confidence of Chinese characteristic culture,promoting brand marketing,making use of various ways in the new media era,and mastering the dominance of brand public opinion.
Keywords/Search Tags:State Brand, Enterprise Brand, Country Image, Public Diplomacy
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