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Analysis Of The Important Factors Affecting EU Common Security And Defence Policy In The Last Ten Years

Posted on:2019-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the SAN Maro Declaration in 1998,the EU's common security and defence policy is over 20 years old,compared with the stagnation of the development pace and the "anticlimactic" growth model in the previous decade,the security threats and economic problems that have emerged over the past decade have had a significant "negative" effect on CSDP,it is becoming a cure for the EU's procrastination.Especially in the face of the two "black swan" events the debt crisis and brexit,the integration of Europe has been severely affected,through the mechanism construction and the pragmatic cooperation under the CSDP framework to save the crisis,it has shown the unprecedented superiority and the cohesive force.This paper has selected five key factors including Ukraine crisis,refugee flow,trump factor,debt crisis and brexit as the basic perspective to analyze the development trend of CSDP in recent decade.In view of the strategic threat of Russia behind the Ukraine crisis and the non-traditional security dilemma caused by the refugee wave,it is a direct incentive for the EU to strengthen its security system construction,therefore,these two factors are attributed to new impetus;However,the deepened transatlantic relations rift by trump's policies to the Europe and the insufficient defense investment caused by the debt crisis are the higher-level challenges that the CSDP needs to deal with on the basis of maintaining the forward trend,these two factors come down to new problems;As for the integration mechanism "reverse flow" is triggered by brexit,negative and positive effects on CSDP are likely to take over as time goes on,so define it as a new variate.Based on the dialectical analysis of the five factors,the author considers that the CSDP has the basic conditions and potential for further acceleration in the future,and its development trend will have four main features: first,Cognitive changes in the security environment and status of power are forming the social foundation for the accelerated growth of CSDP;second,It is urgent to raise the level of defense resource input and improve the mechanism construction at the operational level;third,it is hard for function extension to reverse as Eu-Nato cooperation in defence deepens;fourth,Franco-German coordinated reinforcement is the underlying logic hidden in the brexit crisis.For the EU's common security and defence policy which will enter the third decade,it is better not to be complacent,let the great vision under the predicament become empty words after the crisis;it should also avoid blind confidence,eager for quick success and instant benefits,and cherish unrealistic illusions such as replacing NATO and taking back European security dominance.Instead,it should be prepared to meet future challenges in a more pragmatic manner,with the coordination of France and Germany as the traction and promotion of the rare "window of opportunity" into the reality of the construction results.
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