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Research On The Group Of Chinese Communist Party Newspaperman During The New Democratic Revolution

Posted on:2021-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330611496804Subject:Marxist theory
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From May 4th Movement in 1919 to the founding of the People's Republic of China in October 1949,the process of historical development has been extremely rapid in 30 years.The imperialist powers withdrew from China,the KMT's rule declined from prosperity,and the CPC's power rose from emergence to establishment of a new state power.Under this background,the newspaper industry of the Communist Party of China has gone through twists and turns,and finally established the people's journalism.This remarkable achievement is closely related to the conscientious newspaper people of the Communist Party of China in various periods.At the beginning of its establishment,the newspaper group of the Communist Party of China was faced with many crises,such as economic constraints,political repression,lack of professional quality and so on.For this reason,the Communist Party of China solved the crisis step by step by unifying the party newspaper organization,strengthening political belief,organizing professional training and other measures.On this basis,it consolidated the sense of mission of the newspaper,improved the loyalty of the newspaper,and formed a relatively mature newspaper running mode.During the new democratic revolution,the newspaper group of the Communist Party of China also became the founder of new China's journalism.The full text is divided into four chapters: the first chapter is the introduction,which explains the research significance,research status,innovation points,research ideas and basic framework in detail.The second chapter describes the background of the formation of the Chinese Communist newspaper group.Based on the overall analysis of the social background of the newspaper group of the Communist Party of China,this paper expounds the newspaper environment of the newspaper people in this period one by one.The third chapter describes the development of the newspaper group of the Communist Party of China,taking the early days of the founding of the party,the Soviet Area,Yan'an and the period of the liberation war as clues,and explains the group characteristics,newspaper practice,real life and spiritual world of the newspaper people in this period one by one.In the fourth chapter,the group of Chinese Communist newspapers in the period of new democratic revolution is evaluated from two angles,that is,at that time and now,in order to get some enlightenment.
Keywords/Search Tags:The period of the new democratic revolution, Newspaperman of the Communist Party of China, Newspaperman group
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