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Research On Legal Issues Of Artificial Intelligence In Medical Applications

Posted on:2021-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of artificial intelligence technology and the upgrading of internal intelligent systems,the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field is also becoming wider and wider,including medical record reading,auxiliary diagnosis,medical impact recognition,drug development,health management,implementation of treatment,etc.aspect.The application of artificial intelligence in the medical field has improved the efficiency and accuracy of medical diagnosis,made up for the serious shortage of medical resources,and broadened the coverage of medical services.In the future,artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in establishing a high-quality and efficient medical service system.However,artificial intelligence is different from ordinary medical products and medical devices.Because artificial intelligence can imitate humans for independent learning and innovation to a certain extent,the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field also faces unclear legal status and patient privacy Protection,attribution of pharmaceutical patent rights,algorithmic discrimination and unclear infringement and other legal issues,this will undoubtedly have an impact on China's current legal system,so we need to combine relevant theories and specific practices to target artificial intelligence technology in medical care Provide legal solutions and suggestions for legal issues in the field.First,define the legal subject status of artificial intelligence from the perspective of autonomy;second,we must improve relevant laws and regulations in China to protect patients' privacy and drug patent rights,and avoid algorithm discrimination by reducing ambiguity;finally Draw lessons from foreign research results and practical experience,and combine with China's actual situation to build a reasonable tort liability rule,so as to ensure the healthy development of the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field.Figure0;Table0;Reference 44...
Keywords/Search Tags:artificial intelligence, medical, applications, subjectivity, privacy protection, attribution
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