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Study On Improving The Supervision System Of State-owned Listed Companies

Posted on:2020-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the governance system of China's state-owned listed companies,the establishment of the board of supervisors plays a certain role,but it is often questioned by some scholars who believe that the board of supervisors system plays a weak role in corporate governance.By analyzing the changes,achievements and characteristics of the supervisory system of China's state-owned listed companies,the author believes that China's supervisory system also has its own "China advantage." There are great differences in the design of supervisors or supervisory systems.The author believes that in thinking about the reform and improvement of the supervisory system,we must fully consider the current macroeconomic and economic environment in China,pay attention to the actual implementation effect,and ultimately form a set of supervisory systems for state-owned listed companies with Chinese characteristics that suit China's national conditions.The innovation of this paper mainly lies in the combination of the existing political and economic environment of China's state-owned listed companies,and proposes to further improve the supervisory system of state-owned listed companies:1.Rethinking the relationship between the board of supervisors and the party organization.2.To strengthen cooperation with independent directors.3.To raise the issue of supervisors' representatives and analyze the supervisory effectiveness of supervisors from different sources.4.To establish a supervisory system.Supervisors sent by the industry supervision departments where state-owned enterprises are located directly participate in the supervision of enterprises to better protect shareholders' rights and interests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supervisor, State-owned company, Listed company, Corporate governance, The inner-party supervision
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