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The Research Of Continuity And Transformational For US's Asia-Pacific Strategy

Posted on:2021-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The US strategy in Pacific Ocean for 21~stt century reveals interests for US in Pacific.Comparing to the strategy of Pacific in Cold-War times,US has put its power from different perspectives more than that in five decades ago.After September 11incident,on the pretext of anti-terrorism,US started to heighten its strategic existing power in Pacific.Until today,though Pacific is not as significant like Europe,due to US`s strategic environment and historical attitude in Pacific,it is still essential for US to enhance the power and influential acts to show its dominance in Pacific.Meanwhile,with the sharply rising power of China and intricacy circumstances among the Asia-Pacific nations and territories,it will be necessary for US to take a tremendous role in Asia-Pacific.Not only to share the prosperity for economic developing in this region and show the effect with the so-called help of US,but also to make the free order and rules which is designed by US.Besides,except the geopolitics environment,US government itself is also impressing the result and consequence to realize the strategy.When Donald Trump assumed his office,the indeterminacy for strategy was increasing while the trust of US in ally countries were sharply deteriorate.Comparing to Barack Obama`s policies like Trans Pacific Partnership,it shows that during different periods of US,the core of same strategy is not changing in gigantic scope because of the national interests,but the content and the route to realize the goal will alter in imparity extents.And with the concept of Indo-Pacific came into reality during the statements by Rex Tillerson,it is a symbol that US absorbs India into its Asia-Pacific track.Therefore,when comes into researching strategy in Asia-Pacific,India is also an element to make verdict the result of strategy.Along all the elements which can effect strategy,this research will use theories and historical official statements,to analyze this century`s US Pacific strategy in not only strategic way,but also history route to discuss and reflect on the beginning,the implement and the effect for strategy.The first part is concluding with theories,background and necessary after US`s recession of hegemony.To analyze the background that why US changes its key to Asia-Pacific.The second part generalizes the definition of Asia-Pacific rebalance and Indo-Pacific and their arise to know what are the 21~stt US strategy.Besides,the attitude and measure during George.W.Bush in Asia-Pacific is also concluding.The third part tries to conclude duration in strategy.This part shows from politics,military and economics way of continuity in US strategy.It is distinct to notice that among different periods,freedom,order and consensus of approving US dominance in Asia-Indian-Pacific is the core to maintaining the execution of strategy.Also,with the rising of China,it is essential to keep the top and restrict the developing of China`s influence in region for US.The fourth part express the possibly of revolution in 21~stt US strategy.With Trump`s style of executive,the indeterminacy of India`s strategy consideration and decreasing trust among US and countries in Asia-Pacific,US changes from multilateral into bilateral in economic,security and politics consociation.Meanwhi le,with trade war between US and China,it will be ordeal for US to reconstruc t the relation of Sino-US.Therefore,India-Japan-US-Australia frame of cooperatio n in military and security,is also a new route to fulfill the strategy in Pacific.The fifth part concludes the X fectors and the future of Asia-Pacific strategy.Also,it will be essential for China to take effective response to make strategy and its developing not be in contradict status.
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