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Research On The Present Situation,Problems And Countermeasures Of The Comprehensive Management Of Urban Public Security In Ulanhot

Posted on:2020-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330623952993Subject:Public Administration
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Maintaining long-term social stability is not only the overall situation of the country,but also the common vision of the people.It can also provide a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China's economy.Comprehensive management of social security is the strategic policy of the Party and the government.It can help to solve the problem of social security in an all-round way.It is the core component of the construction of spiritual civilization in China.It can provide strong guarantee for the rapid and substantial development of the national economy,the all-round establishment of a well-off society and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Comprehensive management of social security plays a key role in the process of urbanization.This core measure can provide a strong guarantee for the people to live and work in peace and security and maintain social stability and order.This study takes Ulanhot as an example to analyze its social security comprehensive governance practice.On the basis of the current comprehensive governance plan and results,it explores and discusses the existing problems,and purposefully puts forward plans and strategies to improve the comprehensive governance effect.This paper takes Ulanhot City as an example to analyze.Based on the application of literature and case analysis,this paper makes a thorough study on its comprehensive management of social security,and points out five problems: first,the role of comprehensive governance at the grass-roots level has not been given full play;second,the management of Multiple Forces is difficult;third,the migrant people.Imperfect oral control;Fourth,violations by law enforcement personnel occur from time to time;Fifth,insufficient joint efforts of social organizations.In view of the problems existing in the comprehensive management of social security in Ulanhot,this paper,based on comparative analysis and experience summary,studies and draws lessons from the comprehensivemanagement of social security in domestic and foreign cities,and puts forward corresponding countermeasures to improve the comprehensive management in combination with the actual situation of social security in Ulanhot.Firstly,we should improve the network of grass-roots organizations;secondly,we should improve the three-dimensional public security prevention and control system;thirdly,we should mobilize the strength of the masses to establish a diversified system;and fourthly,we should strengthen the capacity of social control and prevention.This paper is divided into six chapters.In the first chapter,the background,significance and literature review of the research are described in detail,and the research methods and innovations are introduced.The second chapter introduces the concepts of governance,social security,comprehensive governance and public governance theory,crime prevention and synergy theory.The third chapter introduces the general situation of Ulanhot and the current situation of comprehensive public security in Ulanhot.Chapter Four makes an in-depth analysis of the existing problems and causes of the comprehensive management of social security in this city.The fifth part summarizes the enlightenment by analyzing the practices and experiences of comprehensive governance of urban social governance in other countries at home and abroad.The sixth part combines the experience and practice of comprehensive social security management of other cities at home and abroad and the current situation of Ulanhot,and formulates the countermeasures to improve the comprehensive social security management of Ulanhot.
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