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Research On The Construction Of "Internet + Government Service" In The Reform Of Administrative Approval System In City Z Of Hebei Province

Posted on:2021-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330623976593Subject:Public Administration
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Administrative approval is an important means for the government to manage the economy and society.Since the State Council launched the reform of the administrative approval system in 2001,the government has been taking the reform of the administrative approval system as an important starting point to accelerate the transformation of government functions,comprehensively deepen the reform in an all-round way,and enhance the modernization of government governance ability and level.By the cancellation or decentralization of the administrative approval system to simplify the administration and the “delegating powers,improving regulation and optimizing of services” reform that combines improved regulation and optimized services,the reform of the administrative approval system has been continuously deepened,effectively improving the approval efficiency and optimizing the business environment.The reform of the administrative approval system has been deepened,effectively improving the efficiency of examination and approval and optimizing the business environment.After the 18 th National Congress,with the cancellation and decentralization of a large number of examination and approval items,the reform has entered a tough period and deep-water area.How to further deepen the reform,improve the approval efficiency and government management level,and promote the government's transition from management-oriented to service-oriented requires thorough thinking.Since vigorous promotion of the “Internet +Government Service" was pointed out in the government work report in 2016,Internet Plus technology and government management have continuously integrate and prosper,particularly in the field of administrative examination and approval.Local governments have built online government service platforms and launched a series of reform measures,such as “One Netcom Office”,“One Trip”,and “Remoter Approval”."Internet +Government Service" provides a new model for deepening the reform of the administrative approval system and effectively promotes the reform.The article firstly introduced the relevant concepts and theoretical basis of the reform of the administrative approval system and the "Internet +Government Service".Then it took city Z of Hebei Province as an example to go through the reform process of the administrative approval system in this city since the 18 th National Congress of the CPC.It deeply analyzed the construction and application of the "Internet +Government Service" in city Z in the context of the Internet era and discussed the positive role of the "Internet +Government Service" in deepening the reform of the administrative approval system,improving the efficiency of approval,and transforming the functions of government.Problems in the promotion of "Internet +Government Service" in city Z were identified and the underlying reasons were thoroughly analyzed.It proposed measures to address these issues,such as strengthening Internet thinking,Strengthen the construction of information technology,improving the functions of the "Internet +Government Service" platform,improve the regulatory mechanism for approval,and improving the assessment and supervision mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reform of administrative approval system, "Internet + Government Services", Changing government functions
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