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The Study On The Theoretical Logic And Practical Path Of The Urban-rural Integration Development In China

Posted on:2021-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330623977621Subject:Marxism in China
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The urban-rural relations is an important economic and social relation concerning the overall development of our nation.Since the reform and opening-up,the urban-rural relations in China has gradually moved towards a balanced development of harmony and unity,and the previous unbalanced development of separation and opposition was replaced over time.Moreover,the long-standing urban-rural dual structure was also gradually removed.With the new era coming,the communist party of China(CPC)central committee led by president Xi Jinping attached great importance to rural economic development.And the issue of urban-rural relations once again drew much attentions of the party and the nation.In2017,the report to the 19 th national congress of the CPC first called for "establishing and improving systems,mechanisms and policy systems for the urban-rural integration development,and accelerating agricultural and rural modernization." The urban-rural integration development is a new historical orientation for the urban-rural relations made by the party and the nation under the new era.It is another major adjustment for the urban-rural relations following the "balancing rural and urban development" and the "integration of urban and rural development".This policy has important guiding significance to the planning and deployment of China's economic development in the future.The urban-rural integration development is a systematic and major development strategy,which involves economy,politics,culture,ecology and some other aspects of the society.This paper mainly focuses on theoretical logic evolution and practice path.Since the reform and opening-up,China has kept exploring and improving the urban-rural relations,achieved many achievements.But overall,the urban-rural dual structure,stunting the economic and social development,is still not completely phased out.And there also exists some other outstanding issues,for example,the factor flow between urban and rural areas is hindered,the allocation of public resources between urban and rural areas is not rational.Besides,the householdregistration system and the land system,affecting the urban-rural integration development,are not yet abolished.To solve these problems,it needs to further improve policies and measures,strive to eliminate the disadvantages hindering the urban-rural integration development.Further more,it also needs to speed building a new urban-rural relations of workers and peasants,and promote the combination of workers and peasants,complementary between urban and rural areas,comprehensive integration,common prosperity.This paper mainly studies the theoretical logic and practical path of the urban-rural integration development in China from five parts.Section one: Introduction.This part introduces the background,research meaning,research status,our ideas and methods,the innovations and shortcomings of the paper.Section two: An overview of the basic problems of the urban-rural integration development.This part defines three concepts: urban,rural and urban-rural integration development.Then discusses the necessity of urban-rural integration development from three aspects: Removing the urban-rural dual structure,building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and ensuring the sustainable growth of the national economy.Section three: Theoretical logic of urban-rural integration development in China.This part expounds the Marx and Engels theory on reasons for separation and opposition between urban and rural areas,and trends in future urban-rural relation,which provides theoretical basis for this article.Then we sort out the important perspectives and policies of five leaders since the founding of China on urban-rural relations,and clarify the evolution logic of the theory on urban-rural relations in China.Section four: Current status of urban-rural integration development in China.This part covers the new progress made in China's urban-rural integration development in three aspects: the household registration system,rural infrastructure construction,and rural social security.Then points out the existing problems and areas for improvement in current status of urban-rural integration development.Section five: Practice path for urban-rural integration development in China.This part discusses the five necessary basic principles for adopting the policy of urban-rural integration development.Then we elaborate the practical path of urban-rural integration development from three aspects: ameliorating system guarantee,improving basic urban and rural services,giving priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas.
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