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Research On Rural Women's Education Under The Background Of Rural Rejuvenation

Posted on:2021-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330623980376Subject:Adult Education
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In the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,the central government put forward the strategy for rural revitalization,and the whole society paid more attention to the cultivation of new farmers.Relevant data show that in recent years,with the development of the integration of urban and rural areas,a large number of rural male labor force go out to work,leaving most rural women to work at home,making rural women become the main force of rural revitalization.For rural women in underdeveloped areas in central China,such as Anhui,their educational level is lower,vocational skills are less,rights and interests protection consciousness is weaker,income is lower,and social status is lower.Therefore,the education of rural women is more important under the background of rural revitalization and has been highly valued by the national government and relevant social departments.Based on the theory of human capital,the theory of continuing socialization of human beings,the theory of all-round development of human beings and the theory of feminism,this study conducted a field survey on the education of rural women in LQ town,Huaibei city,Anhui province by means of questionnaire survey and interview survey.SPSS was used to conduct descriptive analysis on the collected information,so as to obtain a comprehensive and clear picture of the current situation of rural women's education in LQ town,and on this basis,countermeasures and Suggestions were put forward for the development of rural women's education in the context of rural revitalization strategy.This study mainly includes three parts.The first part is the analysis of the current situation of rural women's education in LQ town under the strategy of rural revitalization.In the context of the strategy of rural revitalization,through field investigation,data analysis and interview information,it can be concluded that there are few policies and norms for specific implementation programs of rural women's education.There are differences in age,occupation and education level among trainees.Education is mainly in the form of lectures;Teachers are mainly lecturers and expert leaders of vocational colleges;Single organization department;The content of education is lack of ecological protection,social governance and mental health education.The second part is a study on the education of rural women in LQ town under thebackground of rural revitalization strategy.Based on the summary of the present situation of empirical investigation,the problems of rural women's education in LQ town can be summarized from five aspects: the local government pays insufficient attention to rural women and rural women's education;The rural women's education management system is not perfect,including the rural women's education organization is not perfect,the lack of effective management,the linkage mechanism is not perfect,the fund support is insufficient four aspects;The education mode of rural women is single;Rural women's education teachers are not sound;The content of rural women's education is not comprehensive under the background of rural revitalization.The third part is the countermeasures and Suggestions for the development of rural women's education under the background of rural revitalization strategy.In the context of rural revitalization strategy,in view of the above problems in rural women's education in LQ town,the following countermeasures and Suggestions are put forward.Improve the management system of rural women's education from the aspects of organization,management,linkage mechanism and financing;To enrich the educational methods of rural women,we should combine theory with practice,combine classroom with field teaching,make full use of the Internet platform,and combine tangible with intangible.Improve the construction of teachers in rural women's education,attach importance to the system of access,training and assessment of teachers;We will enrich the content of rural women's education and strengthen training in five aspects: industrial skills,rural culture and civilization,ecological protection,social governance and common sense education.
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