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Study On The Governance Mechanism Of Bad Marriage Customs In Rural Areas Of Yanhu District

Posted on:2021-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330626455127Subject:Public Management
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Since the reform and opening up policy,with the improvement of farmers' living standard,rural civilization has also been greatly improved.However,there are some bad customs and habits,including high bride price,extravagant waste,vulgar marriage and other bad habits due to the influence of our traditional culture and other factors,which was not only seriously polluted the social atmosphere,but also become an important cause of poverty among farmers.Farmers are both the manufacturers and the direct victims of the bad habits of marriage,especially looking forward to receiving the effective governance this situation.In recent years,Yanhu Dsitrict focus has made a bold exploration on the management of the bad habits of marriage,and got some experience in this respect.The objective of the study is to make an in-depth investigation in managing the bad habits of marriage customs on the basis of our practice and experience in Yanhu District,further provide reference for the national rural management of bad habits of marriage customs and rural civilization construction.There are 3 parts of the study besides the introduction.The first part summarized the overall situation of rural marriage customs in Yanhu District from four aspects(eight characters,bride price,wedding ceremony ceremony and bridal chamber),and introduced the concrete manifestations of the bad marriage customs in detail,such as high bride price,extravagant waste and vulgar marriage.The second part introduced the practice of Yanhu District from three different management subjects: government,village and society.Government developed policies to regulate target group behaviour,strengthened the spiritual civilization of the masses from establishing 10 cultural and educational bases of county,improving the “Ten Ons” system at the grassroots as well as broadening the channels of cultural communication.Moreover,government could reduce the marriage burden of farmers by developing economy.For the village,it could encourage the public to practice civilized marriage customs in the new era by providing wedding venues,elitedemonstration and guidance,establishing incentive mechanism and cultivating civilized customs.For the social,the group of literary teams and/or expert merchants actively guide and promote the new style of marriage customs,the three main body overall promotion,integration of governance has achieved good results.In the third part,by comparing the status of marriage customs before and after governance to show the effectiveness of governance,summed up the experience of salt lake is mainly to build a platform to guide multiple co-governance,in the innovative way of propaganda work On the basis of summing up experience,this paper analyzes its enlightenment to the governance of rural marriage customs in the whole country: first,it should pay attention to the construction of grass-roots system of "autonomy,rule by law,rule by virtue ";second,it should find the right entry point and advance scientifically and steadily;third,it should constantly explore new measures according to local conditions.From the analysis above,it is found that under the leadership of the government and give full play to the main role of the village,Yanhu District gradually improves the rural governance system of "autonomy,rule by law,rule by virtue" as one,actively guides social participation for the bad habits of rural marriage customs,and has a very positive role in promoting the construction of rural civilization,further provides reference for the management of bad habits of marriage customs in other regions.
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