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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Democratic Supervision In Villagers' Autonomy In Binhai County

Posted on:2021-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330626458402Subject:Public administration
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It is of great significance to the protection of the people's rights and interests to continuously develop and improve socialist democratic politics and vigorously promote the building of democratic politics at the grassroots level.Without the stability of grassroots democratic politics,there will be no social stability,no social prosperity and harmony.As an important link in the construction of grassroots political democracy in China,villagers' autonomy is the fundamental way of social management in rural communities.This paper takes binhai county as an example to study the current situation of democratic supervision in the villager autonomy.Secondly,it introduces the theory of democratic supervision and its development process.Thirdly,the typical cases of the whole country are introduced.Fourth,the current situation of the operation of democratic supervision in the villager autonomy in binhai county is analyzed.There exist weak awareness of democratic supervision among villagers,information asymmetry between villagers and village cadres,single channels of democratic supervision,and excessive rights of democratic supervision objects.Then the reasons are analyzed.Fifth,put forward countermeasures and Suggestions to the above problems,we should strengthen the cultivation of the villagers' democratic supervision ability,strengthen the construction of the villagers' democratic supervision system,strengthen the party's leadership of the democratic supervision in the villagers' self-government,and give play to the guarantee role of the township government in the villagers' democratic supervision.At last,the thesis is summarized.The main purpose of this subject is to improve the other rural areas of China democratic supervision problems in villagers' democratic autonomy provide material,through the elaboration of the democratic supervision in binhai villagers autonomy present situation and problems,and carries on the deep analysis of a problem,try countermeasures are put forward,that of socialism with Chinese characteristics under the new rural democratic supervision system more scientific and standard management is more solid,in order to prevent China's rural village micro corruption governance path,at the same time,also for the current is pushing thecountry revitalization of the development strategy to provide clues.
Keywords/Search Tags:grassroots democracy, villager autonomy, democratic supervision
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