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Research On Local Government Behavior In Industrial Cluster Of Danyang High And New Technology Development Zone

Posted on:2020-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters is not only the necessary condition to promote the sustainable and healthy development of industry,but also an important measure to further adjust the direction of industrial development.In the process of practice,the influence of local government behavior on the upgrading of industrial clusters is extremely important.From the successful cases of industrial cluster upgrading at home and abroad,we can see that enterprises are the key,the main body and the most important role in the upgrading process of a cluster.However,at the policy level,the government also plays an important role in macro-control and support in the supply of external public goods,which is a powerful driving force for the upgrading of enterprises and even the whole industrial cluster.Based on the objective reality of the development of Danyang industrial cluster and the theory of public management,this paper studies the behavior of local government in the process of upgrading Danyang industrial cluster.This paper expounds how local governments should give full play to their role in order to make breakthroughs in local economy under the current situation and background.Firstly,through consulting and studying the relevant literature,this paper provides theoretical support for the necessity of promoting the upgrading of industrial clusters in Danyang High-tech Zone.Then it points out the necessity of cluster upgrading in Danyang High-tech Zone from both theoretical and practical aspects.Then it introduces the development status of Danyang High-tech Zone and the measures taken by local governments in promoting the upgrading of industrial clusters,puts forward the main problems existing in Danyang High-tech Zone,and analyses the internal reasons for these problems.Finally,the optimization strategy of local government behavior in the process of cluster upgrading of Danyang High-tech Zone is put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial Cluster Upgrading, Local government behavior, Danyang High-tech Zone
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