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A Study On Deception Detection Of Witness Testimonies

Posted on:2021-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330626959513Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Studies on deception detection of witness testimonies have been in the ascendant in forensic linguistics.It refers to the credibility assessment of statements provided by witnesses,victims,suspects and offenders.Witness testimonies,one of the most important kinds of evidences in civil and criminal cases,have been playing increasingly significant roles in the investigation,inquisition and decision of all disputed legal cases.Naturally,the credibility and deception of witness testimonies have become a hotspot issue for a long time,which have been attracting much attention from both legal scholars and practitioners.Previous studies on this topic could be divided into three main approaches: verbal behaviors,nonverbal behaviors and physiological indicators.Therefore,a great number of methods and techniques of deception detection have been developed according to these three approaches.However,all of the three methods and techniques to some extent prove to have shortcomings because of either lack of theoretical support or scarcity of empirical foundation.What have to be admitted is that the deception detection of witness testimonies can only be acquired through a multidisciplinary effort and manner because of its complexity and importance.The present thesis,from the perspective of linguistic analysis in general and transitivity analysis in particular,conducted a simulation experiment and then gave a detailed analysis of the collected data.Based on the data annotation and transitivity analysis,four linguistic indicators are sequentially extracted.They are number of characters(NC),number of semantic configurations(nSC),abstract/concrete ratio(ACR)and detailed information respectively.These four extracted linguistic indicators can be both quantitatively and qualitatively measured and reach the significance level in statistics,which are employed to successfully distinguish truthful witness testimonies form deceptive witness testimonies.The present study is of great significance in both theoretical and practical interface.On one hand,it expands the application of linguistic analysis especiallytransitivity analysis in law-related issues.On the other hand,it provides a multidisciplinary manner from law,linguistics and psychology,bringing insights and implications in further legal researches and practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:witness testimonies, deception detection, credibility assessment, transitivity analysis
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