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Study On The Optimization Of The Supervision Mechanism Of The Main Leading Cadres At The Grass-roots Level

Posted on:2021-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330629488581Subject:Public Management
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Since the 19th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC),the CPC central committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core has adhered to the standards for good cadres in the new era,adhered to the principles of integrity and ability,put morality first,and constantly strengthened the management and supervision of cadres.Grassroots is the source of the voice of the people,grassroots leading cadres are the party's principles and policies of the preaching and implementation,direct contact with the general public,direct service to the grassroots people,especially grassroots party and government official cadres in the grassroots power structure at the core position,high power,cadre supervision is particularly important.Strengthening the effective management and supervision of the power of community-level leading cadres is an effective way and strategic need for the party to manage the party and govern the party strictly.It is also the need for the modernization of the national governance system and capacity.It is also an important link in the construction of cadres in the new era.Therefore,to strengthen grass-roots at the leading cadres of the power supervision of power,more effective prevention and control of corruption from its source,specification of power operation and strengthen the cultivation of clean government,promote the party and government at the leading cadre work scientific,democratization and legalization,so as to further consolidate the party's ruling position,improve the government credibility,has become a cadre supervision work important issue to be solved.This paper takes the supervision of basic-level leading cadres in xiashan district as a case,selects power restriction and democratic supervision as the theoretical basis,adopts the methods of literature research,case analysis and investigation to carry out the research,analyzes the main problems and deep reasons existing in the supervision of basic-level leading cadres,and puts forward relevant countermeasures and Suggestions.The author thinks that,at present the chardonnay mountains,there are individual at the leading cadres of the rule of law consciousness,political quality is not high,in the aspect of power supervision appears no implementation of democratic centralism,democracy,life will become a mere formality,the subordinate supervision is not timely,ineffective supervision at the same level,the strength is weak,lack of voice and protection problems,investigate its reason,lies in the power restriction and supervision does not reach the designated position.Therefore,to strengthen the supervision of leading cadres at the grass-roots level,the author believes that we should establish asound mechanism for selecting and employing personnel and strengthen education management.To strengthen the coordination and communication between relevant supervisory and administrative departments;Constructing the power restriction system of the grass-roots cadres;We will increase transparency in the exercise of power by community-level regular officials.
Keywords/Search Tags:Xiashan district, Major leading cadres, Supervision mechanism
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