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An Empirical Study On The Effectiveness Of Context-reinstatement--Anatomical Doll Assisted Interrogation In Children's Memory Of Events

Posted on:2021-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The upsurge of cases involving children,especially the cases of sexual assault & abuse against children,has aroused extensive attention from the public,the media and the judicial circles.Due to the limitation of children's cognitive ability,their perception,memory and expression abilities are not yet perfect,and they are more likely to be suggested and misled to make inaccurate memory reports.Therefore,there are still disputes over children's qualification to testify and the credibility of testimony.However,children are often the only witnesses in these cases,so their accurate and credible testimony plays a crucial role in investigation,prosecution and trial.Therefore,how to improve the credibility of children's testimony by starting from the inquiry of child witnesses,through the standardization and standardization of inquiry procedures,scientific inquiry methods,localization,to achieve the goal of improving the credibility of children's testimony,has become a hot spot and a difficult problem in the research of judicial psychology.This study systematically sorted out and summarized the relevant theories of children's cognitive development,children's testimony credibility,and child witness interrogation methods at home and abroad,as well as the empirical and applied research results,and on this basis compiled a child witness inquiry method: Context-reinstatement--Anatomical Doll Assisted Interrogation Method.This research adopts two factor,that is 3(age)x 2(interrogation method)to design this experiment.Through simulation events,and when we contrasted 3,4,5 years old group memory in 2 experimental conditions:Context-reinstatement--Anatomical Doll Assisted Method(experimental group)and the Police Inquiry without guidance(control group)to test the effectiveness of Context-reinstatement--Anatomical Doll Assisted Interrogation Method.The results show that Context-reinstatement--Anatomical Doll Assisted Interrogation Method in children aged 3~6 through memories of events,is better than that of the Police Inquiry without guidance,specifically,it displays in three aspects:(1)Context-reinstatement--Anatomical Doll assisted Interrogation method made child witness interrogation process more standardized and scientific.(2)Context-reinstatement--Anatomical Doll Assisted Interrogation Method helps interviewer to get more right information and less error of event,and at the same time improved the quality of 5-year-old children's testimony.(3)For children aged from 3 to 6years old,Context-reinstatement--Anatomical Doll assisted Interrogation method is helpful to reduce children's false testimony.
Keywords/Search Tags:child witness, interrogation method, context-reinstatement, anatomical doll, effectiveness
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