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Study On The Sustainability Of Non-profit Organization Volunteer Service From The Perspective Of Resilience

Posted on:2021-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330647453815Subject:Social work
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In recent years,China's volunteer team has developed rapidly and has played a significant role in the construction of China's spiritual civilization.In addition,volunteer organizations are playing an increasingly important role in promoting China's economic development.After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2018 and the Beijing Olympics,the volunteer team has developed even more rapidly.Volunteers have gradually entered the public's vision and become an important organization for the development of various tasks in China and the realization of the Chinese dream.In the development of volunteers at home and abroad,a service model of social workers + volunteers has also emerged.Social workers play an important role in volunteer services,and use the professional knowledge of social work to assist volunteers to better serve.However,China's volunteer service industry also encountered many problems and difficulties in the development process,which hindered and affected the development of volunteer service industry in China.Davila once pointed out that in a year,about 35% of volunteers leave volunteer organizations,and the average volunteer time for each volunteer is one and a half years.Therefore,how to prevent the loss of volunteers is an important task for the development of volunteer careers.During the course of professional internship,the author met some long-term volunteers.During the process of volunteer service,I found that these volunteers have common positive factors that make them engaged in volunteer service for a long time.At present,the mainstream research of non-profit organization volunteer service continuity research is “problem-oriented”.It pays attention to the service difficulties faced by volunteers and their own abnormal performance,but volunteers who continue to volunteer services show positive,optimistic,Full of hope,they deal well with setbacks and dilemmas.The stereotype of the "problem perspective" is broken by reality.This article uses the theory of resistance to analyze the continuous volunteer service of volunteers to make up for the lack of research on the "problem" orientation and present the volunteer's upward vitality,thus emphasizing the "energy enhancement" Engage in social work with "people in the environment" to provide practical references.From the perspective of resilience,this article attempts to select in-depth interviews with 15 volunteers who have served for more than 2 years and accumulated service hours of not less than 200 hours.The authors are all outstanding volunteers in their respective service fields and have been well received by the surroundings.The author will explore the influencing factors of their continuous voluntary service from this outstanding special case.First of all,the investigation and analysis of the development and service status of Shanghai Y volunteers were carried out,especially the volunteer groups who continued to volunteer.It was found that Shanghai Y volunteers had certain problems in internal and external social resources,and there were problems such as weak motivation,low quality of services,and a single volunteer structure within their volunteers,and the lack of public support.Will hinder the development of volunteer capacity,mainly including the public's limited acceptance of volunteer services,traditional voluntary methods to limit residents 'enthusiasm for participation and lack of norms to reduce residents' recognition.Of course,the lack of social resources will also make the direction of volunteers confused.The current professionalism of volunteer services,the crisis of funding and management,and the incomplete supervision and evaluation system will cause volunteers to interrupt continuous services.Secondly,the author analyzes the protective factors and action mechanisms in the process of continuous voluntary service.Volunteer continuous voluntary service process is not smooth,but also experienced the excitement and expectations in the initial stage,the confusion and struggle in the confused stage,the belief and strength in the reconstruction stage,and the internalization and integration of the continuous stage.In this way,the mechanism of continuous voluntary service is derived.The personal factor is the core generating mechanism of continuous voluntary service,which mainly includes personality traits,belief and self-potential.The near-end resource buffering mechanism for its continuous voluntary service is an organizational factor.Mutual recognition between volunteers and organizations fosters optimism,the protection of volunteer rights,persistence,and the guarantee of incentive mechanisms to enhance effectiveness.The social support factor is the protection mechanism of remote resources.The most direct external environment for volunteers is the family environment,the satisfaction of self-identification is the peer group,and the satisfaction of security perception is the socially available resources.The interaction of the above factors has contributed to the continuous volunteering of volunteers.Finally,the author puts forward countermeasures and suggestions for optimizing the voluntary behavior of volunteers,activates the internal strength to enhance the positive characteristics of individuals,mobilizes the organizational strength to stimulate the positive function of the organization,and builds a social support network with the peer group.
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