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Research On Problems And Countermeasures Of Administrative Examination And Approval In Economically Developed Towns Under The Ackground Of "Release,Management And Service"

Posted on:2021-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330647954697Subject:Public Administration
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With the rapid economic development of some villages and towns in China,some of them even reach the level of many small and medium-sized cities.Their administrative management system has been unable to meet the requirements of economic development,and can not meet the expectations of enterprises and the masses for improving the business environment and improving the degree of convenience.In order to stimulate market vitality and public entrepreneurial enthusiasm,since 2010,under the unified deployment of the central government,some regions of the country have carried out pilot work of administrative management system reform in economically developed towns,among which undertaking the administrative approval authority at the municipal(county)level is one of the reform priorities of economically developed towns The reform clearly requires "integrating the responsibilities of grassroots administrative examination and approval,creating a comprehensive,convenient and efficient government service platform,and implementing" one-door processing "and" one-stop service ".Under the background of "streamlining administration and delegating powers,combining decentralization with decentralization,and optimizing service",the essence of undertaking administrative examination and approval authority of economically developed towns is the role transformation of government from management type to service type,and it is also the basic project to realize the modernization of government governance capacity and Governance system.The township level is the most grass-roots political power organization in China.Under the reform mode of economically developed towns,the administrative examination and approval Bureau of the town directly faces the enterprises and the masses and exercises the administrative examination and approval function delegated by the higher authorities.The quality of its work is the key to whether the enterprises and the masses can really enjoy the reform dividend,and has an important impact on the implementation and effectiveness of the reform.In the pilot reform,the township administrative examination and approval work has achieved certain results,but due to the reform experience,personnel,technology and other reasons,there are inevitably some problems on the way forward.Based on the theory of new public service and the theory of holistic government,this paper focuses on the operation of F town after undertaking the municipal administrative examination and approval authority in the reform of economically developed towns,and combines with some examples in the fields of enterprise registration,planning and construction,project approval,etc.,and probes into five problems existing in the reform process,which are mainly summarized as: insufficient examination and approval ability and unreal examination and approval authority The examination and approval process is complicated with many materials,the "all in one network" has not been realized,and the adjustment of the list of examination and approval items is slow.On this basis,in view of the above problems,this paper analyzes the research background,purpose and significance,through the research of relevant literature,field research,in-depth interviews,and according to the actual situation of F town participating in the reform of economically developed towns,it analyzes the causes of the problems from various angles: the lack of personnel strength leads to the lack of examination and approval ability,the bureaucratic thinking leads to the unreal approval authority,the lack of administrative power leads to the lack of approval authority The paper puts forward suggestions and Countermeasures at the micro operation level,namely,strengthening organizational leadership,strengthening personnel strength,innovating the concept of examination and approval,deepening the centralized examination and approval,accelerating the system integration,strengthening the sharing application,and improving the list Dynamic management mechanism,the construction of political and social co governance pattern,the establishment and improvement of evaluation mechanism.The research of this paper is specially aimed at the administrative examination and approval work of economically developed towns,and there are few researches on dynamic improvement of authority,strengthening of political and social cooperation,and establishment of evaluation mechanism.It is expected that the results can provide practical reference for further deepening the administrative examination and approval work in the reform of economically developed towns.
Keywords/Search Tags:Delegate Power, Streamline Administration, and Provide Better Services, Economically developed town, Administrative examination and approval
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